What is Lineage OS? When will be it Available? Official Website

This weekend was really worst for all the android users as the most popular CyanogenMod community has announced on their official blog about shutting down their services many Android users are disappointed with this decision of CyanogenMod as they are acting like a loser by shutting down their community and their official website. CM community was one of the most popular android projects which was famous for making custom rom and nightly builds so this was the really disappointing situation for all of us.

CyanogenMod is the most loved and used customROMs for Android devices.They have covered almost all android devices.So now Official CyanogenMod 14.1 is the last and final CyanogenMod built.You can check out our previous post to know which devices have received the update [icon name=”hand-o-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Official CyanogenMod 14.1 Nightly Released (Download)

As of now you can see on the given screenshot official Cyanogenmod.org website is no more it is permanently down and the new os LineageOS will take place of it and the new website is LineageOs is live and it will continue the work of CyanogenMod.

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Changes after this decision

  • So from now all the users of android would not receive any single update from official CyanogenMod which is the worst part about it because CM was like the heart of our Android smartphone.
  • There will be no future project the community will not make further development on this project which is really sad there will be no further version of CM.
  • CyanogenMod will be reborn with name LienageOS we already hear about this project from past few weeks and after this announcement it is confirmed that LienageOs will take place of CyanogenMod which is really best part about it.
  • Cyanogen.in is not really shutting down it was cleared from their earlier blog compony is only closing their services they are currently focuses on any other project (CyanogenModular OS programs) they are closing their services which they think that they can not longer maintain.
The CyanogenMod project is well the most important and most-used custom android ROM out there. however a series of poor selections has primarily undone the company production CM INC., which failure is additionally sinking the tools that the first open-source project has engineered up. a number of the first CyanogenMod team proclaimed earlier nowadays that they will continue their work for community-created android device ROMs beneath a brand new banner, Lineage OS.

What is Lineage OS ?

What is Lineage OS

Basically Lineage OS is another CyanogenMod as the current team of CyanogenMod are working on any other project and the name of the project is Lineage OS and they have also launched website and named as Lineage OS which will take place of CyanogenMod from where the CM has left. it will be same as CM but there be one different is that the name only and everything will be same. Lineage OS official website is also launched you can check it LineageOS so for those who are thinking that from now there will be no updates regarding custom ROM and nightly build than they don’t have to worry LineageOS will cover all these things very soon.

So CyanogenMod is still alive but the small change is that the name has changed to Lineage and the official CyanogenMod.inc has gave this statement

 The open source project and source code will remain available for anyone who wants to build CyanogenMod personally.

So this clears us that the Cyanogenmod is back to “0” from starting just like 8 years back so it isjust only CyanogenMod.inc which is going to vanished from the history of Android but the CM community will always be in our heart forever.

Nickname of Lineage OS

It is been Announced that the present project nickname is “Laos” or LAOS, standing for Lineage android OS.The title on the page is Lineage OS Distribution’. The repo appears terribly active, and it will have ton of code from CyanogenMod base. we tend to don’t recognize a lot of else regarding the project or its standing, and it’s safe to mention that plenty of what’s happening is incredibly fluid immediately, regardless, thus something and everything might  modify.

When will the Lineage OS available ?

There is no official announcement regarding this topic as no one knows when this new Laos will take place of CM it might take some tim but whenever it will be released it will be came with big bang. As of now, the event of Lineage OS has simply begun. a web site for the OS has been launched, new social media accounts have gone live and religion in humanity has been improved. There’s no word on once we will see the primary version of the new OS, prepared for testing and use.

Official LineageOS team has also announced that they will give more detailed information on this topic on 27th december  so till then we have to wait and after 27 or on 27 we will share more information and we expect them to cover all our question and queries.

CyanogenMod will completely die on 31st december and there is no any fixed date regarding the release date of LineageOS but it will be launched soon till then we have to wait but it is really a type of relief that CyanogenMod is not dead completely.

Lineage OS Official Website and Other Handles

[icon name=”hand-o-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] http://lineageos.org/

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