Where to Find and Catch Shiny Helioptile in Pokemon GO

The impending Crackling Voltage event in Pokemon GO adds lustrous variants of Helioptile and Tapu Koko. Trainers will have the opportunity to capture the ruby-colored version of Helioptile, the Generator Pokemon, and Tapu Koko during raids.

Though snaring a shiny Tapu Koko could be a challenge, Trainers have a few different approaches to obtain a shiny Helioptile of their own, and each of them is doable for everyone.

Keep reading below to find the ideal methods to acquire a new shiny during the Crackling Voltage Pokemon GO event.

How to Find and Catch the Rare Shiny Helioptile in Pokemon GO?

Four ways to catch shiny Helioptile during event:

Wild encounters:

Where to Find and Catch Shiny Helioptile in Pokemon GO

During the Crackling Voltage event starting on January 27, Trainers can easily find the Generator Pokemon in the wild. To increase the chances of a shiny encounter, players can use Lures, which will ensure a higher spawn rate. However, wild spawns usually have a low shiny chance of 1 in 500.

Egg hatches and Field Research:

Trainers can attempt egg hatches or Field Research that is specific to the event. Every time you spin a PokeStop, you’ll get some Field Research and the chance of an egg. What you want is a 7km or research that’s tied to Crackling Voltage in Pokemon GO. These will have higher chances of a shiny Helioptile and better stats.

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Helioptile will be spawning in one-star raids for the time being during the event. Each raid will require an in-person raid pass or a remote raid pass. It may cost you real money to keep attempting, but at least one-star raids can always be done solo. These encounters also have a 1 in 30 chance for a shiny upon completion for most raid bosses in Pokemon GO.

In conclusion, the Crackling Voltage event in Pokemon GO is bringing a new shiny variation of Helioptile and Tapu Koko, and Trainers have four different ways to catch shiny Helioptile during the event. With wild encounters, egg hatches, Field Research and raids, players have different options to increase their chances of catching a shiny Helioptile. Keep an eye on dedicated Pokemon GO section of website for more information.

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