XDA Senior Member unlocks bootloader on AT&T Pixel 7 Pro

Google is one of the most tech-friendly companies out there, whether it is flashing custom ROMs, gaining administrative access by rooting your device, or installing a custom kernel, there is a lot for you to look forward to. However, before you try any of these tweaks, you’ll first need to unlock the bootloader. For carrier-unlocked devices, this isn’t a problem as you only need to execute the Fastboot flashing unlock command for getting the job done. But this isn’t the case with carrier-locked Google devices. In this guide, you’ll get to know how an XDA Senior Member has unlocked AT&T Pixel 7 Pro bootloader.

AT&T Pixel Pro bootloader has finally been unlocked

XDA Senior Member sirhc has finally shared how he managed to unlock the bootloader in his AT&T Pixel 7 Pro. While it involves a few strings attached, it is still worthy of your attention. Initially, the XDA developer had a carrier-unlocked AT&T Pixel 6 Pro with a SIM card inserted. He then chose to switch over to an eSIM on another device (A). While the physical SIM was still in his Pixel 6 Pro (registered to AT&T), the phone number got transferred to his device A.

To test it, he pulled out the physical SIM from his Google Pixel 6 Pro and insert it into the Google Pixel 7 Pro and factory reset the phone. Once the device booted up after the reset, he found out that the OEM Unlock Toggle wasn’t greyed out. He then enabled this toggle, booted his smartphone to Fastboot, and executed the Fastboot flashing unlock command. And the bootloader on his AT&T Google Pixel 7 Pro was unlocked.

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unlock bootloader on AT&T Pixel 7 Pro (Done By a Xda Senior member)

Whether this was a bug from Google’s end or the carrier isn’t ascertained yet. If this was indeed a server-side bug, then there is no concrete evidence that it has been patched yet. Now is your perfect window of opportunity to have a shot at unlocking your Pixel 7 Pro. Before you do so, you should remember that it could nullify the warranty and reset your smartphone, so have a backup beforehand.


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