YouTube PIP – How to Enjoy Picture-in-Picture For YouTube On Android

Here we come with another tutorial. Today we will be sharing a detailed guide on How to enable or enjoy Picture-in-Picture for YouTube on Android. Android’s Picture in Picture mode was implemented on Android 8.0 Oreo. Most of the Google apps support this feature.

Even Youtube app also has this feature but for that, you have to get the youtube red subscription. But if you don’t want the youtube red subscription and still want to use Picture-in-Picture For YouTube On Android, then there is a way which we gonna cover in this guide.

Google’s Android Os is the most used mobile Os in the world. There are tons of feature an Android user gets compared to other Mobile OS. Google’s last year Android version “Android Oreo” comes with some new awesome features like Picture in Picture mode, notification dots and many more. Many third-party apps like whatsapp are now compatible with this feature. But sadly the free Youtube App has no PiP feature.

What is Picture-in-Picture (PiP)

The Picture-in-Picture a.k.a Pip is an awesome feature, you will basically be able to run an application as a small window while using another application. Unlike the Multi-Window mode, the PIP Mode gives the user a lot more freedom to place the window exactly where they want it to be. For example, you could be running a YouTube video in a small window while chatting, or typing a long essay

How to Get YouTube Picture-in-Picture mode on any Android device?

YouTube PIP – How to Enjoy Picture-in-Picture For YouTube On Android

As I mentioned before, the free Youtube App doesn’t have this feature, so we need to use Google Chrome as it supports the PiP feature.

  • First, enable the Picture-in-Picture mode on Chrome. Go to settings, then search for Picture-in-Picture, Click on that.

Screenshot 20180519 110146

  • Inside you can find Picture-in-Picture Mode option, click on that.

Screenshot 20180519 110158

  • Now Enable the PiP mode for Google Chrome.

Screenshot 20180519 110216

  • Once the PiP mode is active, open Chrome and click on 3 dot menu and select ” Desktop site

Screenshot 20180519 110242

  • Now go to youtube site and play any video (remember playing in full screen).

Screenshot 20180519 110330

  • To get the video in a small floating window (PiP), just press the home button.

Screenshot 20180519 110525

  • Done!! Now your youtube video should be running on a small floating window.

We hope this guide will be helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave that in the comment section down below 🙂

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