How to Enable Picture-In-Picture Mode on Android O

In this guide, you will be able to learn How to Enable Picture-In-Picture Mode on Android O. Google, yet another year, surprised us with the release of the first developer preview of Android O. This has been a trend right from Android Lollipop, then came Android M, N, and now we have Android O. Users of the Nexus 6P, 5X, Pixel C, Pixel, or the Pixel XL can taste Android O!

This time around, the UI still seems to have stayed pretty much the same, and Google has focused more on the under-lying features, dug beneath menus, that will make the over-all feel of the device a lot better, introducing many new and amazing features. One such that was talked about a lot is the new Picture-In-Picture mode, or in short, the PIP Mode, which was first introduced on Android TV.

With the feature, you will basically be able to run an application as a small window while using another application. Unlike the Multi-Window mode, the PIP Mode gives the user a lot more freedom to place the window exactly where they want it to be. For example, you could be running a YouTube video in a small window while chatting, or typing a long essay. We leave the creativity to you, and if you’re using Android O, then here’s How to Enable Picture-In-Picture Mode on Android O.

How to Enable Picture-In-Picture Mode on Android O

  1. Scroll down the notification panel twice, to reveal the gear icon (settings icon).
  2. Tap and hold on it for about 5-6 settings, and let it go. This will enable a hidden set of features, called the System UI Tuner.
  3. Now, navigate to SettingsSystem > System UI Tuner > Navigation bar.
  4. Now, add a new navigation button and choose its type as ‘keycode‘. From the pop-up, select keycode #171.
  5. Voila! Now you have a button, which when pressed, will enable the PIP Mode.

We expect the feature to improve and become compatible with a lot more apps in the coming developer previews of Android O.

Adnan Ahmed
Adnan Ahmed
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