Top 6 Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android Device In 2017

Editors’ Pick: Top 6 Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android Device In 2017

In this modern era, we are always busy with our personal and professional tasks. It may not possible to remember and keep our tasks organized. Well, you don’t need to worry and you can easily keep your tasks organized with the help of the best personal assistant apps for Android. These apps also well-known as virtual assistant apps. As there are hundreds of free personal assistant apps available for the Android platform, so you can keep your tasks organized for free. These apps will make your business and personal life easier. You can control assistant apps through voice commands and text commands.

In this post, I’m going to share some top and best personal assistant apps for Android devices. Hope this list will help you to find the ideal assistant app to make your busy life easier.

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Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android

  1. Robin – the Siri Challenger

Robin The Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android Device

If you are an existing iPhone user then you know about Siri, one of the best virtual assistant app for Smartphone. But unfortunately, Siri is only available for iOS platform. Well, if you are looking for an app like the Siri, then the Robin is the ideal one for you. You can control this app using voice and text commands. The user-friendly interface and easy navigation make this app perfect for both newbie and advanced users.



Key Features

  • Get local information, GPS information, navigation, direction, parking & traffic etc.
  • Create task schedules, reminders, alarms etc.
  • Set your custom name so that Robin will call you when need
  • 100% safe and secure assistant app
  • Never send SMS or email without your permission
  • Read your twitter feed or update your Facebook Status through voice command
  • And much more to complete your tasks with fun


[appbox googleplay com.magnifis.parking]

  1. Assistant

Assistant Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android Device

The Assistant is one of the top downloaded and top rated assistant app in the Google Play Store. The app comes with several attractive features to make your daily life easy and comfortable. This is the ideal assistant app for the people who want a voice assistant app. This app will answer your questions, find places, information, set custom alarm & reminder, launch apps or can browse any website.

Key Features

  • Remember features available that you save your favorite places, services, and prefaces
  • Don’t need any special voice commands, just speak naturally
  • Support multi-language
  • Set custom alarm ringtone with your own voice
  • Advance app launcher
  • Book flight or hotel
  • Browse any website using commands
  • On/off device

[appbox googleplay com.speaktoit.assistant]

  1. Dragon Mobile Assistant

dragon-mobile-assistant Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android Device

The Dragon Mobile Assistant is the best personal assistant app for the people who want to organize and manage their personal tasks. This app also comes with the voice command feature like the Robin or Assistant. Set your tasks schedules with custom alarm.

Key Features

  • Send voice call, SMS, Email, Twitter Tweet or Facebook Status through voice commands
  • Create a reminder, upcoming appointments etc.
  • Search information on the web
  • Set assistant wake-up time
  • Set your assistant custom name and voice

[appbox googleplay com.speaktoit.assistant]

  1. HOUND Voice Search & Assistant

Hound Voice Search

The HOUND is the best alternative of Google Now and a simple virtual assistant app that comes with easy to use interface. This is a lightweight and low power consuming assistant app that works faster. This is an ideal assistant app to search anything on the web. Speak naturally and you can add common words that you need to search again and again.

Key Features

  • Hands-free using by simple voice command “Ok Hound”
  • Get weather and temperature notification
  • Local web and directory search option
  • Search restaurant, places, store, coffee shop etc.
  • Built-in GPS navigation feature
  • Search and book hotel and flights

[appbox googleplay]

  1. Indigo Virtual Assistant


The Indigo is another best personal assistant app that will help to finish your daily tasks with fun. The app works like human and can understand natural voice commands. You will also get personal opinions from this assistant app. The app comes with some unique features like it can control your music, manage your calendar, translate language, search on the YouTube and much more.

Key Features

  • Read news headlines, twitter tweets or Facebook status
  • Find information from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, YouTube etc.
  • Translate anything in more than 70 different languages
  • Get weather and location based information
  • Find a restaurant, bars, store, gas station etc.
  • Set alarm and reminder

[appbox googleplay]

  1. Jarvis – My Personal Assistant


The Jarvis is my last recommended Personal Assistant App for Android that you can use in the wearable android device. The app comes with a home screen widget and currently available for only English users. There is also a premium version available with a lot of functions and features.

Key Features (Free Version)

  • Save wake up alarm
  • Send voice calls, emails or text message by voice command
  • Change your device setting
  • Play your favorite songs
  • Built-in converter

[appbox googleplay com.itsmylab.jarvis&hl=en]

Over to You

Although personal assistant apps aren’t perfect to complete your daily tasks, but they can save your time and make your life easier. And these are my recommended best personal assistant apps for Android devices. You can download anyone from the list to organize and manage your daily tasks smartly.

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