How to add Level Indicator inside the Camera app on iOS 17


The native Camera app offered by Apple on iPhones has always been quite good at taking photos but Apple has added a tiny little utility that makes taking perfect pictures much easier. With the new iOS 17 update, you’ll be able to use a new level indicator that can capture subjects with the right alignment for landscape and portrait shots.

If you want to learn more about this new feature, then this guide will be ideal for you. In this guide, you will get to know how to add level indicator inside the camera app on iOS 17.

What is the Level Indicator feature?

Even though the Camera app previously came with a level indicator for objects above you or top-down shots, it was part of the Grid overlay that forced the user to use the camera grid for accessing it. On iOS 17, you’ll be able to use this feature without enabling grids in this app. This indicator will show you if you are holding your device parallel to the ground.

Once you enable this feature for the iOS camera, you will get three horizontal bars with one in the middle tilting right or left as you change your device’s camera angle. For achieving the perfect shot, your goal will be to make the three bars appear in a straight line. At this point, you’ll get a single bolt yellow level indicator. Once you align the shot perfectly, you will feel a faint vibration to let you know that you’ve hit the right spot.

How to add this feature on iOS 17?

How to add Level Indicator inside the Camera app on iOS 17

  • To enable the level indicator on your camera, you should open the Settings app
  • Inside the Settings, you will scroll down and select Camera
  • In the Camera screen, you should scroll to the “Composition” section before turning on the Level toggle
  • This enables the level indicator for the Camera app on your iPhone

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