Apple starts pushing iOS 17.2 Release Candidate to Developers

The stable iOS 17.2 is just around the corner as Apple released the iOS 17.2 RC.

Apple is quite timely when it comes to rolling out the latest updates and the developers are back again with the iOS 17.2 Release Candidate. The company has released the RC build of iOS 17.2 for developers.

With the update already going live for developers, it wouldn’t be long until the update goes live for public testers too. The release candidate build will be the last build released before the Public Version. Essentially, it means that the iOS 17.2 public release could be earlier than expected.

In this guide, you will get to know more about Apple starting to push iOS 17.2 Release Candidate to Developers.

Changelog of the new iOS update

2 Release Candidate

Last week, Apple came out with the fourth beta of iOS 17.2 and it had a build number that ended with “b”, which is why many thought there might be another beta update before the iOS 17.2 Release Candidate. However, the iOS 17.2 Release Candidate is already here and it should come as no surprise that Apple has plans on finishing the update without bugs before Western Holidays.

Coming to the changes, the iOS 17.2 Release Candidate comes with the features introduced in the last four beta builds except the Collaborative Playlist in Apple Music, which was present until Beta 3 but has been removed likely because it wasn’t completely ready.

How to update to iOS 17.2 Release Candidate?

The iOS 17.2 Release Candidate comes with the build number 21C62, which could be the same build number for upcoming public build if there are no more RC builds before the public release.

This update is currently available for developers and will become for public beta testers soon. If there are no bugs or issues, then the next build will be the public version, which will essentially be the same as the RC build, including the same build number. You  can easily check for the update by heading over to Settings -> General -> Software Update.

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