Download and Install OnePlus System Launcher v1.0.10 and v5.1.17 updates

The OnePlus System Launcher is an extremely smooth, stable, and handy feature that comes with OnePlus devices. It is equipped with several customization features to make your home screen look the way you want it to. Recently, OnePlus released a new update for its system launcher v1.0.10 for OxygenOS 11 devices and v5.1.17 for OxygenOS 10 devices. The new update is already available for OnePlus devices that run on Android 11 and Android 10 users having OxygenOS 11 and OxygenOS 10 respectively. Using the OnePlus System Launcher, you’ll be able to customize the home screen, make phone calls, launch mobile apps, and perform simple tasks on your device.

Features in the new OnePlus System Launcher

  • What you’re seeing is what you’ll get

The OnePlus System Launcher will offer intuitive options that are incredibly easy to access and modify. Moreover, you can preview the changes before they are applied.

  • Organize your smartphone

Your smartphone’s shelf is your personal, customizable hub. Using the new OnePlus System Launcher, you can pick out an assortment of handy features such as memos, weather information, recent contacts, and more. Further, you’ll be able to add your favourite widgets for easy and quick access.

  • Discover secret gestures

Alongside customizable off-screen gestures, the developers have added a few secret on-screen gestures as well, and they’ll help you get quick access to notifications and search functions.

  • Customize the icons

OnePlus System Launcher will support a wide range of icon packs. You can simply open the options panel and view the available icon packs, then tap on your preferred option for applying it to your icons. apart from the default icon packs, there are hundreds of icon packs that are available on the Google Play Store. You can easily download your favorites to give them a try.

  • Newly added OnePlus Scout (India Only)

The new OnePlus System Launcher will introduce the OnePlus Scout feature, which will allow you to find anything from the search bar. It is integrated into the launcher, you can search for results from storage in your device and the web.

Download and Install OnePlus System Launcher v1.0.10 and v5.1.17 updates

OnePlus System Launcher new APK versions available for download

The new OnePlus System v1.0.10 has arrived in the market and it is compatible with the OnePlus devices running OxygenOS 11. It weighs around 25 MB in size and can be downloaded and installed easily.

The other versions of the OnePlus System Launcher are –


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