Download/Install Android Oreo-based EMUI 8.0 Beta On Honor 8 Pro

Download and Install Android Oreo-based EMUI 8.0 Beta On Honor 8 Pro: The Chinese manufacturer Huawei has been a good part of the Indian smartphone market for a few years now. Their value for money devices has helped them sustain in the market with high competition. But They were never too consistent about giving updates for their devices. The main problem which stopped them from doing this is the changes in different variants. They have a number of variants for the same device model. The Indian variants of most devices had a lot of different from variants of other regions. This has made Indian users to not get updates even though the Manufacturer push update for Chinese variants of the same device.

The Huawei Honor 8 Pro came to the Indian market with the Android 7.0 Nougat. Soon after Google announced the Android 8.0 Oreo, Huawei officially promised to give out the update by 2017 for some of their devices including the Huawei Honor 8 Pro. Although the manufacturer kept the word for Chinese variants of the device which is known as the Honor V9, Indian users never got the update. But finally, they are giving out an Oreo update in the starting of 2018 for the Honor 8 Pro.

The update currently rolling out for Honor 8 Pro is not a stable update but a beta update. But Indian users can finally relax that they are going to get a Hands-on experience with the Android 8.0 Oreo. Even though you can expect bugs and issues with the update, as this is a beta version. A fully stable version of the same update can be expected soon after the testing process is completed.


  • Make sure that the USB drivers for your Android device are installed on the PC.
  • Follow the below Guide Exactly or else it may lead to brick your device. is not responsible for any damage.
  • Maintain 50-60% battery to prevent sudden shut down between the process.
  • This Update is only for Huawei Honor 8 Pro users.
  • TWRP recovery is installed on your device
  • Make sure that you have latest ADB and fastboot drivers installed on Windows and Mac/Linux.
  • Take a complete backup of your phone and then proceed.

Disclaimer is not responsible for any hardware/software issues that occur on your device(s) by following this guide. We are certain that the following guide is carefully written, avoiding any mistakes on our side. If you are unsure of the causalities that may occur if the procedure goes wrong, then please don’t proceed.


Steps to install Android 8.0 Oreo-based EMUI 8.0 beta on Honor 8 Pro

  1. Save the 3 downloaded zip files to a folder named honorota and save the image files outside the folder and move both to the device internal storage
  2. Boot the device into TWRP recovery
  3. Tap on Wipe and the Format data 
  4. Come back to TWRP recovery and tap on Advanced and then Terminal
  5. Enter the commands ‘mkdir /data/update’ and ‘mv /sdcard/honorota /data/update/honorota’
  6. When the process is completed enter the commands ‘dd if=/sdcard/DUK-RECOVERY-NoCheck’ and ‘dd if=/sdcard/DUK-RECOVERY2-NoCheck’
  7. After the process is completed delete the recovery images from your device internal storage
  8. Again go into the TWRP terminal and enter the commands ‘echo –update_package=/data/update/honorota/ >> /cache/recovery/command’ , echo –update_package=/data/update/honorota/ >> /cache/recovery/command’ , echo –update_package=/data/update/honorota/ >> /cache/recovery/command’
  9. Once the process is completed reboot the device

Hope you are clear with the guide. If you have any queries and feedbacks leave a comment below.

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