Phoenix OS, The Best Alternative To Remix OS !

Updated October 30, 2017 Here we will be sharing How To download & Install Phoenix OS, The Best Alternative To Remix OS On Windows.It is a fully functional Android OS For Computers like the Remix OS.We can recommend users to try out this OS.

Android is one of the most used Operating systems right now.But unfortunately, it is now available for computers.Now there is new OS available in the Market, which we think is the best Alternative To The Remix OS.As you guys know Remix OS is an OS which runs android on Computer/PC.

Phoenix OS is not an emulator, it is a fully working OS running on the android lollipop.Remix OS is probably the most successful Android OS for computers having many features.Remix OS is the Mixture of android and ChromeOS.It offers Android a taskbar, start menu, and an excellent window management system.

Now Root is available For Phoenix OS.Guide linked below↓

→ How to Root Phoenix OS

But now there are many developers who are making new android OS for PC / Laptops and the Phoenix OS is one of them.There some new features available in this ROM which makes it better then the Remix OS in some ways.

Remix OS is the Best Android OS For Windows Computer.Run Fully Functional Android OS On Computer

→ How To Download & Install Remix OS 2.0 On Your PC or Laptop

Download Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS is previously only available as a custom ROM For Nexus device but now there is an x86 version available which can be loaded on a USB flash drive and Run on windows PC

It looks similar to the UI Of Remix OS.All the features of Remix Os is available In Phoenix OS.It basically a Chrome OS skilled android OS For computers.

Phoenix OS is now only available For windows Computers and you can easily download it from their official website.

Download Phoenix OS

Download here (x86 windows)

Installation Guide >> How to run Phoenix OS(x86) (Source: Liliputing)

Via Liliputing & phoenixos

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