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How to Root Phoenix OS

In this guide, you will learn How to Root Phoenix OS.It is a very simple, safe and easy process.So if you have Phoenix OS installed on your Computer and want to root then you are at the right place.

You just have to download the pre-rooted version of the Phoenix OS and install it.Don’t worry if you have already Phoenix OS installed then you can just have to replace the .img file.Don’t worry we will be sharing the link to download the pre-rooted Phoenix OS and step by step guide to Safely Root Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS is another Android based fully working Operating system for the computers like Remix OS.It is not an emulator, it is a fully working OS running on the android lollipop.Remix OS is probably the most successful Android OS for computers having many features.Remix OS is the Mixture of android and ChromeOS.It offers Android a taskbar, start menu, and an excellent window management system.

Phoenix OS

Remix OS is the Best Android OS For Windows Computer.Run Fully Functional Android OS On Computer

→ How To Download & Install Remix OS 2.0 On Your PC or Laptop

Phoenix OS looks similar to the UI Of Remix OS.All the features of Remix Os is available In Phoenix OS.It basically a Chrome OS skilled android OS For computers.Phoenix OS is now only available For windows Computers and you can easily download it from their official website.But if you want to Root Phoenix OS then you have to download the Pre-rooted Phoenix OS.Don’t worry we will be sharing the direct download link below

Download Phoenix OS

→ Download System.img File :

Official Download (not rooted): Download Phoenix OS

How To Root Phoenix OS

Step By Step Guide

If PhoenixOS is already installed:

Extract the .img file(s) from the zip in place of your existing install. Replacing the system.img
If PhoenixOS is not installed:

Install it, and before you first boot into it, replace the system.img in the install location. If your method of install results in a system.sfs file, copy the system.img from my download into the install folder, and edit your grub.cfg to point to the system.img file instead of system.sfs.

Watch the source video tutorial: →

Source: youtube/Divyang Patel

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