How to Enable Call Recording on CM14, CM13, CM12 and CM11

Steps to Enable Call Recording on CM14, CM13, CM12 and CM11: All the CyanogenMod ROMs come with Call recording feature but it is disabled by default.You can easily Enable Call Recording feature by editing system build.prop.

Remember, in many countries call recording is illegal so most of the companies and customROMs don’t include this feature,But if this is legal in your country and you are using any CM ROMs then you can Enable Call Recording on CM14, CM13, CM12 and CM11.Here I will be sharing steps by step guide to get the Call recording feature on CyanogenMod ROMs.

There is a Xposed Module which makes this process even easier.But for this, your device have to be rooted and should have Xposed Framework installed on your android device.If your device is rooted and has Xposed framework then you can just download and install the XCallRecordingSettings Xposed module to Enable Call Recording on CM14 and older CM ROMs.

XCallRecordingSetting Xposed Module Features:

  • Use Voice Call audio source for recording
  • Record incoming calls or outgoing calls only


  • Make sure your device is rooted
  • Your device must have Xposed framework installed in it.

If you don’t have Xposed framework on your device.Then follow the guides below



Download XCallRecordingSettings Xposed module [icon name=”external-link” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]

Steps To Enable Call Recording on CM14, CM13, CM12 and CM11

Enable Call Recording on CM14, CM13, CM12 and CM11

  • First, check the pre-requirement section carefully
  • Download the XCallRecordingSettings Xposed module from the download section above.
  • Once the MOD is installed, go to Xposed Installer and then go to Modules, enable the XCallRecordingSettings and then reboot Your device
  • Done!!! Call recording should be enabled on your device.
  • Now, every time you call or receive a call the call record feature will be activated automatically.

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Dibyashree Sharma
Dibyashree Sharma
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