Fix Apple Music app.js [2031:72] Error: We’ve run into a problem

The audio, video, and music streaming service from the Cupertino giants hardly requires an introduction of a sort. Moreover, its available across Apple devices, Windows, Android, PlayStation, Chrome OS, and Amazon Echo tends to add a lot more to its ever-growing userbase. In spite of all the perks attached to the service, it isn’t free from its share of issues.

Users reporting Apple Music app.js [2031:72] error

As of now, many users have started voicing their concern that Apple Music is displaying the “app.js [2031:72] error: We’ve run into a problem”. This error message has been appearing whenever the users are trying to access the Listen Now section on their Mac devices.

The users have been using this service across other devices using the same Apple ID but the issue isn’t appearing on those platforms. Moreover, some users have been getting this error while accessing their music app profiles. If you’re getting bugged with this error, then this guide will help you become aware of how you can fix the Apple Music app.js [2031:72] error: We’ve run into a problem”.

How to fix Apple Music app.js [2031:72] error: We’ve run into a problem

Fix Apple Music app.js [2031:72] Error: We’ve run into a problem

This error often affects two apps that have issues – Mail and music. But there are ways to fix the problem. Remember, there is no universal fix to this problem. You can try out the different workarounds and see which one suits best for you.

Re-sign into your Apple account

For some users, logging out and re-logging into their Apple Music account can be enough to fix this issue. Head over to the System menu and log out of your Apple ID. Then, restart your Mac. Sign in again and then check if it fixes the problem.

Reset Wi-Fi on your Mac device

Some users have reported that resetting the Wi-Fi and network settings on their Mac device did the trick.

  1. Click on the Apple logo at the top-left corner and select System Preferences
  2. Then, click on Network and select your network from the list
  3. Click on the minus sign and then hit Apple
  4. Click on the plus sign and add the appropriate Wi-Fi connection
  5. Verify if the issue has been resolved or not
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