[Fix] HBO Max Button on Android TV remote not working after Max Rebrand

Recently, Warner Bros. transitioned HBO Max into Max. However, this recent change hasn’t been easy for users as they’re facing issues with the process. Since the original HBO Max is dead, you will need to download a new app “Max” to continue using the services. On paper, it looks like just uninstalling an existing app and installing a new one, requiring only a little additional bandwidth. However, there are a few broken functionalities. One of the issues is with the HBO Max Button.

The HBO Max button is no longer working on the Android TV Remote. Luckily, there is a nifty workaround through which you can remap the HBO Max button and make it open the app on your remote. If you’re looking to fix his situation, then you’re in the right spot. In this guide, you will get to know how to fix HBO Max Button on Android TV remote not working after Max rebrand.

What is causing the issue?

The HBO Max button on Android TV remote not working is because the button on the map is mapped specifically for opening the old map. The developers haven’t yet released an update that fixes the glitch and allows the users to launch the new one.

Understandably, this is frustrating for users as they now need to manually select the app from the app list on the TV’s launcher. Some of them are worried that whether or not the company will be fixing this issue. The users have also questioned the point of releasing a new app when the developers could have just updated the API of the old one. However, there is a way to fix the issue.

How to fix HBO Max Button on Android TV remote not working after Max Rebrand?

HBO Max Button on Android TV remote not working after Max Rebrand

  • Launch Google Play Store on your Android TV
  • Then, you should look for Button Mapper, and install it
  • Now launch Button Mapper and it’ll request you to enable Accessibility Services
  • Head over to Settings -> Device preferences -> Accessibility -> Button Mapper
  • Then, enable the toggle next to it
  • Now, you should launch Button Mapper and select the button correctly mapped to HBO Max
  • Lastly, select the Max app from the list and it’ll get assigned to the HBO Max button
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