Is HBO Max Shutting Down or Going Away After Discovery Plus Merge?

For a while, Warner Bros has been planning a merger between HBO Max and Discovery Plus, which will likely result in numerous changes to both services. However, this has led to many people wondering if HBO Max shutting down or going away. Maybe there could be a new service under another name. In this guide, you will get to know the answer to is HBO Max shutting down or going away after Discovery Plus merge.

Is HBO Max shutting down or going away?

HBO Max will be going away after the merger with Discovery Plus and it is going to be replaced by a joint streaming service, which is expected to be called “Max”. According to reports, Warner Bros Discovery is planning on shutting down HBO Max. The studio will be replacing it with a new streaming service with all of its previous content. It’ll be a complete merger of the HBO Max and Discovery Plus streaming services. It’ll feature content from HBO, Warner Bros studios, and DC Comics.

Shows like House of the Dragon, Titan, and more while movies like The Batman and Black Adam will continue on with the new streaming service. Warner Bros has made the decision to push Discovery Plus and HBO Max together for reducing costs and attracting more customers.

As for the name change, Warner Bros is reportedly planning on separating HBO content from the rest of the streaming offerings. Warner Bros already had a number of HBO-branded projects before HBO Ma and the HB brand doesn’t mean a whole lot outside of the US market. An HBO-less title means more in international markets.

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Is HBO Max Shutting Down or Going Away After Discovery Plus Merge?

When is HBO max expected to go away?

Warner Bros Discovery is planning on shutting down HBO Max in Spring 2023. It will be replaced by the new streaming service with expanded content currently known as “Max”. It isn’t currently known whether subscriptions will be carried over or if current HBO Max subscribers will get a discount. The name and pricing of the service are under discussion as well.

Bottom Line

Warner Bros is reportedly shutting down HBO Max and replacing it with a new streaming service featuring content from both companies, including original shows and access to a wide range of content from Discovery networks. The new service, currently known as “Max,” is expected to launch in Spring 2023. While it may be sad to see the end of HBO Max, the new streaming service is sure to offer an array of exciting options for subscribers. Keep an eye out for updates on the shutdown and the new service in the coming months. Do you have any thoughts or questions about the merger? Share them in the comment section below.


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