[Fixed 2022] HBO Max keeps buffering and not loading issue

After a long day, you probably want to bust some stress by catching the latest episodes of your favorite shows. However, you start watching a show, and after a while, the buffering kicks in and it causes the show to not load properly. The HBO Max keeps buffering might be a huge issue and ruin the entire watching experience. There are many ways you can fix this loading issue.

Fix HBO Max Buffering/Not Loading Issues (Fixes why is HBO max so slow issue)

Method 1: Check the HBO Max server status

To start off, it is recommended that you should check if other HBO Max users have been encountering similar buffering issues with HBO Max. For many users, the straights might be affected when the servers get overloaded with requests for a particular movie or show. It is recommended that you should check different movies and shows and see if other streams are getting the loading issue or not.

Method 2: Sign out and sign back once more into HBO Max

  1. Head over to HBOMax.com
  2. After that, click on your account name at the top of the screen
  3. Then, select the Manage Devices option
  4. Subsequently, you should click the sign-out button beside each device or click the Sign All Devices Out option
  5. Lastly, you should confirm the process by clicking on Sign Out

Method 3: Check the number of devices streaming HBO Max on the same account

The same HBO Max account can be used for multiple devices. However, if multiple people are simultaneously streaming HBO Max, then unexpected errors might pop up. Using the simultaneous feature to maximum capacity could cause HBO Max to keep buffering. Say that you’re attempting to stream with more than 3 devices, HBO Max will start showing the “Can’t Play Title” error message that states “you’re streaming on too many devices”.

If that case, you’ll have to check which devices are currently streaming HBO Max using your account. For doing that, select the Profile Icon” option and choose “Manage Devices”. It’ll show a list of recently-used devices to watch movies or shows on your account. From there on, you can choose to either stop streaming on one of the devices or log out of all the devices connected to HBO Max that you don’t use anymore.

Fix HBO Max keeps buffering and not loading issue

Method 4: Check for any HBO Max app update

  1. First, head over to the app store where you’ve initially installed HBO Max
  2. From there on, you can search and locate the HBO Max app
  3. After that, visit the HBO Max app page
  4. Check if there are any pending updates available
  5. If there are, simply click on the Update button that’ll be visible to you
  6. Once you’ve completed the update, restart the HBO Max app and then start watching your favorite shows without any buffering
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