[Fixed] Why are my Hulu recordings not showing up?

In 2022, everyone seems to be catching up on their favorite TV shows and movies on streaming platforms and Hulu is one of the most popular ones. If you’re too busy to watch your favorite shows on live TV, the Cloud DVR feature of Hulu will come in handy. However, some users are facing issues as their Hulu recordings aren’t showing up. In this guide, you’ll get to know more about this issue.

Hulu recordings not showing up

If you feel that something was supposed to be recorded but it isn’t showing, then ensure that you have added it to “My Stuff” and double-check your recording options. If both check out, it might be possible that the program that you’re looking for didn’t air on TV. If that’s the, you’re unlikely to find a new recording in your Cloud DVR.

If you find that previously existing recordings from your Hulu Cloud DVR are missing, there are some reasons why they might be missing.

  • Is the recording over 9 months old?

You should keep in mind that recordings are automatically removed after 9 months.

  • Is the recording present on a different profile?

It might be possible that you had recorded the show on a different profile as you were on a different profile when you initially set up the recording.

  • Is someone else using your account?

If you’re sharing the account with someone else, then they might have deleted the recordings without your knowledge.

Some of the other common reasons for Hulu recordings might not be getting recording include –

  • Hiatus/Breaks

Networks usually put their shows on hiatus for many months between a finale and the season premiere of a new season. These breaks are very common during the summer and winter months. You can change the recording options for including episode reruns.

Fix Why are my Hulu recordings not showing up

  • Delay/pre-emption

Regularly scheduled airings could be delayed or rescheduled for live broadcasts and events. Depending on the circumstances, these delays or pre-emptions could mean your Hulu Recordings are getting affected.

  • Blackout/regional availability

If the show is affected by a blackout or regional restriction, you might not be able to record it and it won’t show on your recordings list. These restrictions are very common in sports but they can happen with other content too.

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