Get iMessage On Any Android Phone With AirMessage App

iMessage On Any Android Phone Is now Possible thanks to AirMessage app: We have all been using a lot of messaging apps on Android smartphones and if we start taking a list of all the apps used for messaging the same person every day then it will go long and long. Now, some of the most popular applications that are used by millions and millions of users worldwide are WhatsApp, Skype, Hike, WeChat, and others. However, there is one most popular messaging app on the iOS side which is known as iMessage. This application is almost the single most used app to deliver messages to iPhone users around the world. However, the things are not so easy and convenient when the iMessage users message the Android users through the application.

Also, many of the Android users around the world want one application to use from iOS most of all and that is iMessage due to its design, ease of use and features which are somewhat similar to WhatsApp but better. Now, there is one application that has emerged on the Android side that is still in the beta testing phase and the developer of the application is in need of beta testers of this application. This application is named AirMessage which is similar to iMessage for iOS.

There is one thing, however, that is a little setback for the application which is that in order to use this application on your Android smartphone then you will need to have a laptop or PC that is running MacOS. Now, this is needed as the app will use Mac as a hub and send the messages to iOS devices.


  1. A Mac running MacOS 10.11.
  2. An Android with Android Marshmallow or newer.
  3. A Google Plus community account.

Use iMessage On Android Using AirMessage app

This app is currently not available in the Google Play Store but the developer has mentioned that the application will be available for free to use on Android and this app will be released as soon as the beta testing of this application is complete and the application is stable to use.

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