How to Archive Apps on Google Play Store

A few years ago, the limited storage space on Android devices used to be a major issue. However, the issue has been resolved to a massive extent, with many devices coming with the possibility of up to 1TB of storage after using an external SD card.

However, there are still many budget devices that are quite low on storage. Moreover, many OEMs are known for preinstalling their devices with tons of unnecessary stock apps and bloatware, giving users minimal space to use. A great way around this issue would be to archive apps on Google Play Store.

If you’re looking to know how then this guide will be helpful. In this guide, you will get to know how to archive apps on Google Play Store.

What is Archive Apps?

Archive Apps

The Archive App is an Android feature that automatically offloads an Android app that hasn’t been used for a considerable period of time. But what does “offload” mean? When the OS offloads any app, it gets removed from your smartphone but the data of the app still remains on your phone. Moreover, the app’s icon will remain on your device as well.

The biggest drawback of this feature is it isn’t possible to manually archive apps. It would have been better if instead of Google Play Store deciding which app should be offloaded, you were able to manually archive apps.

How to archive an app on Play Store?

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to manually archive an app on your device. Instead, Google Play Store automatically scans your device and when it finds it is low on storage, it notifies you to enable this feature and automatically archives an app that hasn’t been used for some time. Here is how you can enable the Archive Apps feature –

  • Launch Google Play Store
  • Tap on your profile and then select “Settings”
  • Now, expand the General section
  • Enable the toggle beside “Automatically Archive Apps”
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