How to change your account username in Windows 11

Windows 11 allows users to create user accounts, letting them choose whether they want to use a local account, an administrative account, a work account, or a school account. When it comes to creating an account, you’ll be able to choose the name of the account. Not just that, there are multiple ways of changing your account username. If you’re looking to find out, then this guide is perfect for you. In this guide, you will get to know how to change your account username in Windows 11.

Two Different ways to change your account username in Windows 11

Method 1: Using Control Panel

Change user name on windows 11 from control panel

  • Open the Start menu on your PC
  • Type in the Control Panel before clicking on it once it shows up in the results
  • Click on the User Accounts option
  • Choose the User Account that you want to change the name of
  • Remember that you can only change the username for local accounts
  • After you have selected the local user account, you will need to click on the Change Name button
  • After signing out and signing in to your account, the new username will get displayed

Method 2: Using Settings App

How to change your account username in Windows 11

  • Click on the Start Menu before selecting the Settings app
  • Once the Settings app is open, you should click on the Account from the left-hand sidebar
  • The Accounts page will open up on the Settings app
  • Then, click on the “Your Info” option
  • Under Related Settings, you’ll have to select the “Manage My Account” option
  • The default web browser will open up and you’ll automatically be taken to the Microsoft Accounts page
  • Choose the “Your Info” tab before selecting the “Edit Name” option
  • You can type in the new first name and last name for the Microsoft account
  • Complete the captcha before clicking on the blue Save button
  • Your account name will successfully get changed
  • To see the username of your Windows 11 PC, you should restart your PC
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