How to fix Google Pay Not Working on Custom ROMs

If you unlock the bootloader, you’ll be able to enjoy a plethora of tweaks and models via rooting and flashing firmware. However, there are a few negatives too, such as the tripping of SafetyNet. However, SafetyNet will soon become obsolete and get replaced by Play Integrity, with many apps like banking apps already doing so.

On top of that, Google is also constantly patching the loopholes to prevent people from tinkering with customizations. This gives rise to issues like Google Pay Not Working. The latest instance of that is in the last week of October 2023 or the first week of November 2023, when users are suddenly not able to use Google Pay and other apps on their custom ROMs.

Initially, the Google Pay Not Working issue was tagged as a bug in the ROM but once several users started noticing this issue, the developers began investigating and found out that Google had made considerable changes, making the SafetyNet and Play Integrity modifications futile.

How to fix Google Pay Not Working on Custom ROMs?

Google Pay Not Working

To resolve the Google Pay Not Working issue, you will have to flash the latest version of the Play Integrity Fix module. Here are the steps to resolve the Google Pay Not Working issue –

  • Launch the Magisk app and then tap on the Settings icon present at the top right
  • After that, enable the toggle next to Zygisk
  • Download the latest version of Play Integrity Fix by going to GitHub
  • Flash the module using Magisk and restart your device
  • Delete the data of the Goole Services Framework, Play Protect Service, and Play Store Play Service
  • Lastly, you should delete the data of the banking/payment app of your choice
  • To verify if your smartphone is passing the Play Integrity Test, you should use the Play Integrity API Checker
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