How to fix Nintendo Wi-Fi Error 003-1099 Coming While Trying to Connect

The Nintendo Wi-Fi Error 003-1099 Coming While Trying to Connect is a common error that has been bugging Nintendo users. This error is caused by a number of issues including incorrect network configuration, port forwarding, the router transmitting at a frequency that isn’t recognized by the console, and more. If you’re getting this error, then this guide will be of great help to you. In this guide, you’ll get to know the methods to fix Nintendo Wi-Fi Error 003-1099 Coming While Trying to Connect.

This problem is prevalent on all versions of the Nintendo 3DS family, including the New Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS XL, New Nintendo 2DS XL, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, and Nintendo 2DS.

What is the Cause of Nintendo Wi-Fi Error 003-1099?

Interference with wireless signal or a non-responsive access point or router are common causes of this error code. Follow these steps to fix the problem if you see this message when trying to connect to a wireless network:

How to fix Nintendo Wi-Fi Error 003-1099 Coming While Trying to Connect

Method 1: Restarting your modem and router may help

Power cycling the router or switch could fix an unresponsive network.

Method 2: Verify that there is no wireless interference

The strength of your wireless signal can be weakened by obstacles, such as walls and other wireless devices, which can make it difficult to establish an internet connection.

Method 3: Try a fresh internet network

Make that the Nintendo 3DS is trying to connect to the right wireless network and has a good signal before creating a fresh connection file.

fix Nintendo Wi-Fi Error 003-1099 Coming While Trying to Connect

Method 4: Make changes to the Network Configuration

  • Open the Home menu before selecting the System Settings option here
  • Now, you’ll have to click on Internet Settings
  • You should then proceed to tap Connection Settings
  • Here, you’ll get a “New Connection” tab, which you’ll need to click
  • Head over to the Manual Setup option and then tap on the Search for Access Point tab
  • You’ll witness a list of wireless connections available
  • In the entire list, you’ll have to click on your Wi-Fi network and press OK
  • After that, you’ll have to enter the needed configuration details
  • Press the OK button once more
  • Ensure that you’ve entered the Network Configuration details flawlessly
  • After that, your connection establishment procedure will be complete

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Method 5: Switch the wireless mode

  • First, you’ll need to open the browser and then enter your IP address
  • After that, press Enter
  • You will get a login form where you’ll have to enter the credentials
  • Now, look for 11 Settings among the numerous ISPs available on different pages otherwise you should look for an option to assist you in configuring 802.11 settings
  • In the end, you’ll have to change transmission mode from 11 b/g to 802.11 b/g/n such that the device can choose the mode automatically even if it is 802.11n
  • Now, save the changes before rebooting the wireless router
  • You’ll have to reboot the console and try to establish the connection again
  • Check if the issue is resolved or not

Method 6: Transmit the ports

  • When you’re forwarding the ports, you’ll have to know that this method can be done only via the main page of the router
  • In this process, you’ll have to open a few ports, which allows the internet to become accessible on your Nintendo console
  • If you don’t have access to all the settings on your console, you should contact your ISP about the accomplishment of the tasks
  • The ports that you’ll have to open are UDP ports: 442-445 and 28000-29500
  • Allow the UDP connections while also enabling UPnP-type connections

You can fix the problem yourself by following the above steps. Following this article, we hope you can fix this issue. Please leave questions or comments beneath in the comment section.

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