How to Watch YouTube on Nintendo Switch?

As surprising as it might be, you can actually watch YouTube on Nintendo Switch using the official YouTube app. Whether you’re looking to catch up on the news, sit down with your friends for a Let’s Play of the newest game, chill out to cute videos of little animals, and more, you’ll have it all on YouTube. If you want to watch YouTube videos, you’ll have to download the YouTube app for Nintendo Switch. In this guide, you’ll get to know how to watch YouTube on Nintendo Switch.

How to watch YouTube on Nintendo Switch

  1. Open the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch and then choose a user account
  2. Head over to Search/Browse
  3. Look for the YouTube app
  4. In the search results, choose YouTube
  5. Click on Free Download
  6. Now, click Free Download once more to confirm
  7. Click on “Close”
  8. Launch YouTube and watch your favorite videos

How to sign in to YouTube and navigate the app

You should sign in to your YouTube account for accessing your playlists and favorite YouTube channels. If you don’t sign in when you initially open the app, you should highlight Subscriptions, Library, or Account on the left side before selecting “Sign In”.

Click on Sign in on your TV or Sign in with a web browser for logging in. You can even select “Skip” to begin watching without logging in to your account. Use the left joystick or D-pad for moving around the app before selecting videos or functions. You can even use the touchscreen if you are playing in the handheld mode.

How to Watch YouTube on Nintendo Switch?

Once you select and start any video, you should press Down to reveal the menu at the bottom of the screen with numerous icons.

  • Channel icon – Head over to the video creator’s YouTube channel
  • Play/Pause icon – Start or Stop the video
  • Closed caption icon – Display the captions in case they are available for the video
  • More icon – Get additional video options. For instance, you’ll be able to subscribe to the channel, rate the videos that you’re watching, or flag the video for violating community guidelines.

Our Nintendo Switch YouTube guide should answer all your issues. . Follow these steps to watch YouTube on Nintendo Switch.

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