How to fix YouTube defaulting to 360p on Desktop

YouTube is among the go-to choices for people who want to enjoy their spare time watching music videos, funny clips, documentaries, sports highlights, and more. Despite being an incredibly popular platform, it isn’t without its bugs and issues. One of the issues troubling users these days is YouTube defaulting to 360p on Desktop. If you are getting this error, then this guide will be helpful as you’ll get to know a potential workaround. In this guide, you will get to know how to fix YouTube defaulting to 360p on Desktop.

YouTube defaulting to 360p on Desktop automatically

According to various reports, multiple YouTube users on desktop have been facing issues where the video quality keeps on reducing to a resolution of 360p by default. Due to this error, the viewing experience of the users and the playback quality of videos is getting affected. Understandably, people are getting annoyed as they need to manually adjust the video quality repeatedly.

Some users state they might be getting this problem after selecting the “AV1” video codec for playback. The issue affects people who have a high-speed internet connection installed in their rooms. To add to the troubles, setting the video-viewing quality to “higher picture quality” isn’t resolving the issue.

It is worth mentioning that some users are also experiencing video flickering and freezing issues after changing the quality. The users affected have tried to tinker with various settings and using YouTube on different browsers but not many are expecting any success.

How to resolve this issue?

How to fix YouTube defaulting to 360p on Desktop

Unfortunately, the YouTube team hasn’t officially acknowledged the YouTube defaulting to 360p issue. But there is a potential workaround that may help you solve the problem.

You can easily install any reliable third-party extension such as Improve YouTube or Enhancer for YouTube on your desktop’s web browser. This will help you set the default video resolution according to your needs.

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