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How to Turn Off Heads-Up Notification On Marshmallow

In this guide, you will learn How to Turn Off Heads-Up Notification On Marshmallow Android 6.0 without rooting your device.It is a very simple and easy process.Just follow the given steps to Turn Off Heads-Up Notification On Android 6.0

Heads-Up Notification Feature is one of the important features of Google Android.This feature was introduced in android lollipop 5.0.Many people like and use this feature and some hate it.But there was no option present to disable / enable Heads-Up Notification feature.You can only disable the Heads-Up Notification feature with root on Android lollipop.

If you have android Marshmallow 6.0 on your device then you can easily disable the Heads-Up Notification feature from the setting.In Android 6.0, you have the option to disable heads-up notification.Don’t worry we will be sharing step by step guide to Turn Off Heads-Up Notification On Marshmallow without Root

How To Disable / Turn Off Heads-Up Notification On Marshmallow (No Root)

How to Turn Off Heads-Up Notification On Marshmallow

  • First Go to Settings » Apps.
  • Now Select the app for which you want to disable the heads-up notification.
  • Once you’re on App info page, select the Notifications option
  • Now on the App notifications screen, turn off toggle for “Allow peeking” or“Preview in pop-ups”.

Done!!!! You have successfully turned off Heads-Up Notification On Marshmallow

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