How I Deep Clean My Android Phone with Proper Measures

We generally forget to clean our mobile phones unlike showering, washing clothes, etc. Our smartphones may seem clean to us most of the time but micro particles and dust or moisture can cause so many issues with the device’s performance as well as the overall look of the handset. As a smartphone user, you take your phone more than a hundred times each day and so many of them carry mobiles outside. As a result, the phone may become dirty, unhygienic, and prone to performance issues. So, you may ask How to Deep Clean Your Android Phone with Proper Measures.

Not only smartphone users carry their devices outside but also inside the home throughout multiple places like the kitchen, the toilet, while consuming food, while sleeping, and more. If you’re also doing the same that means your handset comes in contact with a variety of surfaces, bacteria, and dust particles that you can’t see as usual. Though people tend to clean their mobile devices temporarily using some cloth or cotton, that’s not enough. So, no matter whether you want to maintain hygiene or want to get better performance, deep cleaning should be required periodically.

If you check out more research and studies on mobile phone cleaning, you can notice that your handset carries more virus and bacteria than a toilet seat. Well, it mostly happens because of negligence, keeping your phone anywhere, using the phone with dirty hands, palm sweat, and so on. So, if you keep cleaning yourself then cleaning your phone is also a good practice. Even though you have a water and dust-resistant Android smartphone, your phone always catches dust and bacteria. Some users prefer to visit a service centre to clean their devices but that can be expensive.

My Phone Deep Clean Process

You can check the easy steps below to deeply and gently clean your Android handset without any extra hassle. You don’t require any technical knowledge to do this.

Unplug or Disconnect the Case and Accessories

Unplug and remove all accessories
Unplug and remove all accessories   

Do keep in mind that you should remove the charging cable from your Android device and switch off the phone which is a good thing to do. Additionally, disconnect the case and accessories from the mobile for better cleaning such as covers/cases, pop sockets, adapter, earphones, etc. Again make sure to power off the handset before performing the following cleaning methods.

Use a Microfiber Cloth or Brush for Gentle Cleaning

Use microfiber cleaning cloth
Use microfiber cleaning cloth

It’s also recommended to use a smooth microfiber cloth or brush to gently clean your Android phone. Wipe the full screen gently using the microfiber cloth, the side frames, and the rear side. You can do this gently and multiple times to remove any kind of dust layer. Another thing you can do is use a painting brush to clean the camera module edges, screen & back panel edges, earpiece cutouts, speakers, ports, etc. Avoid forcefully cleaning to prevent physical damage or scratches.

Try Some Cleaning Liquids

Use cleaning liquids (try good ones)
Use cleaning liquids (try good ones)

You can also slightly wet your microfiber cloth with an alcohol-based solution like isopropyl alcohol and then gently clean all sides of your phone to disinfect it from bacteria. Do not use an extra amount of alcohol to avoid liquid damage. Once done, make sure to dry up your phone with another cloth.

You Can Use a UV Sterilizer Light

A UV sterilizer light can easily disinfect your phone from germs and bacteria without causing any issues with the device. It’ll help in killing microbes on the surface area of the phone.

Properly Clean Cutouts and Ports

Cleans ports
Cleans ports

Well, cleaning the earpiece cutout, speaker grills, and ports can also play a major role for the mobile device. You can use cotton swabs or slightly tiny sharper objects like a wooden toothpick to gently clean the charging port, headphone port, speaker grills, earpiece cutout area, microphone hole, etc. Just use a toothpick to gently push at the side edges of the port, earpiece cutout, and speaker grill so that the clogged dirt can come out easily. Make sure to avoid force pressure to prevent any kind of physical damage.

Remove the SIM Tray and Clean It

So, you haven’t cleaned your device’s SIM slot yet. That’s also prone to dust particles and clogged moisture if your palm sweats a lot or if your handset exposed to water previously. Use the wooden toothpick or the SIM ejector tool to gently pop out the SIM tray. Now, clean the tray using the microfiber cloth. You can also simply blow some mouth air forcefully once inside the SIM slot area on your phone. That will clear any dust particles inside the SIM slot area. Once done, reinsert the SIM tray properly.

Clean the Mobile Case or Cover Too

Clean cases and covers
Clean cases and covers

It’s a good idea to frequently clean your phone cover or case irrespective of which kind of case material you’re using. Most of the sweat and dust come into contact with the back side of the phone, that is back cover. In case, it becomes really dirty, smudgy, oily, and full of scratches, you can get a new cover as a first preference.

However, if the cover is in good condition then use the isopropyl alcohol solution with a microfiber cloth to properly clean the case from both inside and outside. Otherwise, wash your silicon rubber or plastic cover using normal water and a small amount of soap. Next, dry it well before putting it onto the phone.

From now on, you should clean your back cover once a month at least. Once you complete cleaning your phone, you’ll feel some kind of inner peace or feel good enough after holding your mobile.

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  • Avoid using a Clorox-based wipe (bleach or vinegar) to clean your smartphone because it may damage the screen smoothness due to harsh chemicals.
  • Ensure not to use hand sanitisers to clean your smartphone too.
  • Don’t use normal water directly to clean your phone. In case, you have the isopropyl alcohol solution, try dampening the microfiber cloth a little bit into the normal water & then gently clean your phone.
  • Do not use rough cloth or any other fabric material that can cause scratches or marks on the screen as well as on the back side of the phone.
  • Stop using compressed air blowers to clean the dust on your phone because any dust particles can get stuck inside the ports due to the extra force of the air & cause physical damage.
  • Even though most of the Android smartphones do come with an IP68 water-resistance rating, you shouldn’t rinse or drop your phone into the water for cleaning.
  • Always dry up your phone and back case properly before powering on or connecting to the charging & accessories.

This is how you can easily clean your smartphone from dust and moisture by yourself without requiring any additional equipment. If you’re having any issues, you can comment below.

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