Huawei Assistant Public Beta Program officially goes live for HarmonyOS systems

Chinese tech giant Huawei has started the Beta testing program for its Huawei Assistant app and officially released the Huawei Assistant Public Beta Update in China. This Beta build will come with a software package that is 62.6 MB in size and comes with a bunch of new features.

The Huawei Assistant Beta program will be done between December 25th to December 27th. Any interested Huawei device user will have the opportunity to take part in the testing program and even stand a chance to win exciting prizes including Jingdong cards. The new update will bring in new parking cards, card animation, service account message optimization, support for importing curriculum schedule and add layout optimization, real-time news reminders, and a lot more.

What is Huawei Assistant?

Huawei Assistant will be your personal assistant present on your Huawei or Honor devices and it’ll provide you will all kinds of news, food information, location information, and much more in just one place. Huawei Assistant is similar to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant in terms of functionality.

Huawei Assistant will also enable you to take full advantage of everyday services. In order to access your favourite content with a single tap, you can just pin up to four shortcuts straight on the home screen.

Huawei Assistant Public Beta Program officially goes live for HarmonyOS systems

Changelog for Huawei Assistant Public Beta update

Service flow –

  • Newly added support to import the curriculum schedule in the schedule card
  • Service account message optimization with the sending time being displayed
  • A parking card feature is added and it’ll add a switch while the user will be able to choose whether to display the parking card at home or in the company

Content stream –

  • The update will add a viewing comment function for Byte video
  • It’ll add the search box to the content stream for an immersive homepage
  • Add a real-time news reminder for the homepage of the negative one screen

Public –

  • A newly added negative one-screen, message-red, envelope sending and receiving function
  • Improved card animation and layout optimization


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