How To Install Android P (9.0) beta On Essential Phone (PH-1)

Download and Install Android P (9.0) beta On Essential Phone (PH-1): Essential Phone was released last year and the hype was very high as the device was made by the founder of Android. The device was not a huge success after the release but it is still one of the developer-friendly android smartphones out there. The device comes with clean android instead of any custom skin, Essential went with the vanilla android.

Thanks to Project Treble, now non-Pixel users will also get the beta version of Android P on their devices. Previously this was not possible. Only Google phones used to get the latest Android Beta update. This is really a great thing for non-Pixel users.

The search engine giant has already released the first Developer Preview of Android 9.0 (P) 2months ago and recently released the 2nd Developer Preview. All the Pixel devices have already started getting the Android P beta update but this time other devices too will get the beta update of Android’s latest version.

Essential Phone which is their only Android smartphone has received the Android P (9.0) beta firmware. The ROM is not fully stable and can’t be used as a daily driver. If you use your Essential Phone (PH-1) as your primary device then we recommend you not flash the beta firmware.

About Android P (9.0) Beta

  • Like any other beta releases, this Android P beta update has some bugs and it can’t be used as in daily life. If you are a developer you can install beta firmware to check who the OS is but if you a normal user, then we don’t recommend you flashing the beta firmware on your main primary device.
    • Dynamic calendar/clock is not working
    • Outgoing SMS over IP not working
    • Wi-Fi Hotspot is not working properly (keeps on and off)
    • Cannot receive VT (Video Telephony) calls
    • Volume drops during audio playback
    • VoLTE not working
    • The quick setting appears in pink with dark wallpaper

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  • Take a full backup of your current files
  • Make sure your device has 50%+ battery.

How To Install Android P (9.0) beta On Essential Phone (PH-1)

Install Android P (9.0) beta On Essential Phone (PH-1)

  • First, visit the Essential developer preview page and Log on there
  • Now at the bottom select  “Download and Flash the Android P Developer Preview”
  • Fill the form with required information, accept the terms and hit submit.

If you have any question regarding this guide feel free to leave that in the comment section down below.

Dibyashree Sharma
Dibyashree Sharma
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