How to install Stock ROMs For Itel (All models)

The stock ROM is the stable, in-built ROM released by the device’s manufacturers. While they do offer a lot of impressive features and customizations, they lag behind custom ROMs.

Typically, third-party firmware or custom ROMs come with system bugs, stability issues, and more. As an Itel user, if you’re getting constant bugs and issues, you might start looking for ways to install stock ROMs for Itel handset.

For Itel smartphone users, you can easily get your hands on the stock ROMs for Itel handset. In this guide, you will get to know how to install stock ROMs for Itel (All Models). Remember not to skip any step as every individual step has its own importance. If you don’t follow the guide properly, you might end up bricking your device.

Stock ROMs for Itel


Disclaimer: is not responsible for any damage happened to your device(s) while following this guide so please proceed at your own risk. However, we would be happy to help with any problems within our reach.

List of Stock ROMs for Itel handsets that you can download

Here is the list of stock ROMs for Itel handsets that you can easily get your hands on –

Itel 32E4M Itel 1350
Itel 1351 Itel 1351E
Itel 1352 Itel 1353
Itel 1353 Plus Itel 1355
Itel 1400 Itel 1401
Itel 1402 Itel 1403
Itel 1403 Plus Itel 1404
Itel 1405 Itel 1406
Itel 1407 Itel 1408
Itel 1450 Itel 1451
Itel 1452 Itel 1453
Itel 1500 Itel 1501
Itel 1502 Itel 1503
Itel 1505 Itel 1506
Itel 1507 Itel 1513
Itel 1516 Plus Itel 1550
Itel 1701 Itel 1702
Itel 2020 Itel 2050
Itel 2080 Itel 2090
Itel 3110 Itel 3120
Itel 4000 Itel 5010
Itel 5150 Plus Itel 5170
Itel 5300 Itel 5310
Itel 5330 Itel 5601
Itel 5610 Itel 5620
Itel 6600 Itel 6800
Itel 6910 Itel A04 A632W
Itel A04 A632WM Itel A05S A663L
Itel A11 Itel A12
Itel A13 Itel A13 Plus
Itel A14 Itel A14 Max W4003
Itel A14 Plus W4002 Itel A14 Plus W4002P
Itel A14S Itel A15
Itel A15R VP510D Itel A16
Itel A16 Plus Itel A17 W5006S
Itel A17 W5006X Itel A18 A512W
Itel A18S A513W Itel A20
Itel A21 Itel A22
Itel A22 Pro Itel A23
Itel A23 Pro L5006 Itel A23 Pro L5006S
Itel A23R Itel A23S A511LQ
Itel A24 A507LM Itel A24 L5007
Itel A24 L50070 Itel A24 Pro A507LS
Itel A24 Pro A511LP2 Itel A25
Itel A25 L5002R Itel A25 Pro L5002P
Itel A26 A571L Itel A27 A551L
Itel A27 A551L Pro SU360O Itel A31 Plus
Itel A32F Itel A33
Itel A33 Plus A509W Itel A33 Plus A509WM
Itel A35 W5002 Itel A36 W5505
Itel A40 Itel A41
Itel A41 Plus Itel A42 Plus
Itel A43 Itel A44
Itel A44 Air Itel A44 Power
Itel A44 Pro Itel A45
Itel A46 Itel A46 L5503
Itel A46 L5503S Itel A47
Itel A48 L6006 Itel A48 L6006F
Itel A48 L6006L Itel A49 A661L
Itel A49 Play A631L Itel A49 Play A631LO
Itel A51 Itel A52
Itel A52 Lite Itel A52B
Itel A52s Lite Itel A55 LTE L6003P
Itel A56 LTE L6004 Itel A56 Pro W6004P
Itel A56 W6004 Itel A57 A611W
Itel A58 A631W Itel A58 Lite A631W2
Itel A60 A662L Itel A62
Itel A70 A665L Itel A243L
Itel A322LGE Itel A323G
Itel A323L Itel A507LC
Itel A507LM Itel A507LN
Itel A507LS Itel A507LSP
Itel A509W Itel A509WM
Itel A509WP Itel A510W
Itel A511LQ Itel A512W
Itel A513W Itel A551L
Itel A551L Pro Itel A551L Pro SU360O
Itel A571L Itel A571LS
Itel A571W Itel A571WM
Itel A611WP Itel A661L
Itel A661W Itel A661WP
Itel A1720ZE Itel A1730AE
Itel A1730BE Itel A1730EE
Itel A1750 Itel A1750BE
Itel A1920ZE Itel A1930AE
Itel A1930BE Itel A1930EE
Itel A1931EE Itel A1940BE
Itel A2410IE Itel A2430AE
Itel A2430BE Itel A2430EE
Itel A3210IE Itel A3250
Itel A4310AE Itel A4310ZE
Itel A4330BE Itel A662O
Itel A32100AE Itel A42100BE
Itel A32300AE Itel Ace 2
Itel Ace 2 Power Itel Ace 2L
Itel Ace 2N IT2163N Itel Ace 2S
Itel Alpha Itel Alpha Lite W5008
Itel Alpha W5503 Itel CX01 M2812
Itel CX02 Itel G321
Itel G322 Itel G431
Itel G3230IE Itel G3250
Itel G3257 Itel G5050
Itel G5057 Itel G5514IE
Itel G5534IE Itel Flip 1
Itel I32101IE Itel I3210AE
Itel I3210BE Itel I4310AE
Itel I5514AE Itel I5514BE
Itel I5514IE Itel IT1271
Itel IT1406 Itel IT1409
Itel IT1410 Itel IT1450E
Itel IT1460 Pro Itel ITI508
Itel IT1508 Plus Itel IT1511
Itel IT1512 Itel IT516 Plus
Itel IT1518 Itel IT1520
Itel IT1553 Itel IT1556
Itel IT1556 Plus Itel IT1655
Itel IT1703 Itel IT1801
Itel IT2020 Itel IT2060
Itel IT207 Itel IT2080
Itel IT2090 Itel IT2100
Itel IT2110 Itel IT2120
Itel IT2123 Itel IT2123V
Itel IT2130 Itel IT2131
Itel IT2132 Itel IT2160
Itel IT2160N Itel IT2160S
Itel IT2161 Itel IT2161R
Itel IT2162 Itel IT2163
Itel IT2163A Itel IT2163D
Itel IT2163R Itel IT2163S
Itel IT2165 Itel IT2166
Itel IT2170 Itel IT2171
Itel IT2171B Itel IT2161N
Itel IT2171S Itel IT2171X
Itel IT2172 Itel IT2173
Itel IT2173B Itel IT2175
Itel IT2175N Itel IT2176
Itel IT2180 Itel IT2182
Itel IT2190 Itel IT2190S
Itel IT2191 Itel IT2191B
Itel IT2192 Itel IT2192T
Itel IT2310 Itel IT2311
Itel IT2320 Itel IT2320B
Itel IT2550 Itel IT2560
Itel IT2590 Itel IT2600
Itel IT4510 Itel IT5020
Itel IT5022 Itel IT5023
Itel IT5024 Itel IT5025
Itel IT5026 Itel IT5027
Itel IT5027B Itel IT5028
Itel IT5029 Itel IT5031
Itel IT5040 Itel IT5060
Itel IT5070 Itel IT5071
Itel IT5080 Itel IT5081
Itel IT5081N Itel IT5082
Itel IT5090B Itel IT5091N
Itel IT5092 Itel IT5093
Itel IT5100 Itel IT5120
Itel IT5160 Itel IT5180
Itel IT5190 Itel IT5200
Itel IT5210 Itel IT5220
Itel IT5230 Itel IT5231
Itel IT5231N Itel IT5232
Itel IT5233 Itel IT5260
Itel IT5261 Itel IT5300
Itel IT5310 Itel IT5311
Itel IT5312 Itel IT5320
Itel IT5331 Itel IT5360
Itel IT5361 Itel IT5600
Itel IT5602 Itel IT5603
Itel IT5605 Itel IT5605N
Itel IT5606 Itel IT5606B
Itel IT5607 Itel IT5608
Itel IT5608B Itel IT5609
Itel IT5610 Itel IT5611
Itel IT5612 Itel IT5613
Itel IT5615 Itel IT5615N
Itel IT5616 Itel IT5617
Itel IT5618 Itel IT5618N
Itel IT5620 Itel IT5621
Itel IT5621N Itel IT5622
Itel IT5623 Itel IT5625
Itel IT5626N Itel IT5630
Itel IT5631 Itel IT5810
Itel IT6110 Itel IT6110B
Itel IT6130 Itel IT6131
Itel IT6320 Itel IT6330
Itel IT6331 Itel IT6350
Itel IT6360 Itel IT6360N
Itel IT6610 Itel IT6800
Itel IT6900 Itel IT6910
Itel IT7100 Itel IT9010
Itel IT9020 Itel IT9210
Itel IT9300 Itel IT9301
Itel L4350 Itel L5002R
Itel L5006C Itel 5007S
Itel L5502 Itel L6004L
Itel L6005 Itel L6006
Itel L6006S Itel 6501Q
Itel L6052 Itel Magic 2
Itel MagicX LW2411 Itel Muzik 110 IT2320
Itel Muzik 400 Itel Muzik 410
Itel Muzik MX Pro Itel Muzik MX Play
Itel P11 Itel P12
Itel P13 Itel P13 Plus
Itel P15 W5005 Itel P17 P551W
Itel P17 Pro P552W Itel P31
Itel P32 Itel P33
Itel P33 Plus Itel P36 W6501
Itel P37 P651W Itel P37 Pro 681L
Itel P37 Pro P681LM Itel P38 P661W
Itel P38 Pro Itel P38 Pro P662L
Itel P38 Pro P682L Itel P40 P662L
Itel P40 P662LN Itel P40 Plus P683L
Itel P41 Itel P48 Pro
Itel P51 Itel P55 Plus P663L
Itel P110N Itel P120
Itel P430 Itel P651L
Itel P681L Itel P10001L
Itel Pad One P10001L Itel Pock 1
Itel Power 55 P661N Itel Power 200
Itel Power 410 Itel Power 440
Itel Power 700 Itel Power 700 Core IT5621
Itel Prime 4 IT1704 Itel Prime Tab 1 W7002
Itel Prime Tab 1 W7002P Itel S11
Itel S11 Plus Itel S11X
Itel S11XB Itel S12
Itel S13 Itel S13 Pro
Itel S15 W6002 Itel S15 W6002E
Itel S15 W6002Q Itel S15 Pro L6002P
Itel S16 W6502 Itel S16 Pro W6503
Itel S17 S661W Itel S18 S663L
Itel S21 Itel S24 S667LN
Itel S29 Itel S23 S665L
Itel S23 4G S665L Itel S23 Plus S681LN
Itel S31 Itel S32
Itel S32 LTE Itel S32 Mini
Itel S32 Mini W5003 Itel S33
Itel S41 Itel S42
Itel S661L Itel S661LPN
Itel S662L Itel S662LC
Itel S662LCN Itel S665L
Itel S665LN Itel SA633 W7001
Itel SG200 Itel SG400
Itel SG600 Itel Super Guru
Itel T454 Itel T474
Itel T663 Itel T902
Itel TVI4310IE Itel U10
Itel U20 Itel U30
Itel V31 W4001S Itel V100
Itel V100S Itel V200
Itel V210 Itel V211
Itel V2160 Itel Valve 200
Itel Value 100 Itel Value 100 IT2050V
Itel Vision 1 L6005 Itel Vision 1 Plus L6501
Itel Vision 1 Pro Itel Vision 2 L6503
Itel Vision 2 P681L Itel Vision 2 Plus
Itel Vision 2S P651L Itel Vision 2S P665L
Itel Vision 2S P681L Itel Vision 3 S661LN
Itel Vision 3 S661LP Itel Vision 3 S661LS
Itel Vision 3 Plus P682L Itel Vision 3 Plus P682LP
Itel Vision 3 Plus P682LPN Itel Vision 5 A663LC
Itel Vision 5 Plus P662LC Itel Vision 5 Plus S662LCN
Itel Vision 5 S663L Itel Vision 5 S663LN
Itel W4001 Itel W5004
Itel W5004D Itel W5004V
Itel W5005P

Download stock ROMs for Itel

Here is the link you should head over to if you want to get your hands on stock ROMs for Itel handsets –

Stock ROMs for Itel – Download (credit – androidmtk)

Steps To Install Official Stock ROMs for Itel (Firmware Flash File)

Here are the steps you need to follow to install official stock ROMs for Itel handsets –

  • First of all, make sure you have followed each and every step mentioned in the pre-requisites section
  • After that, you have to download the files mentioned in the Downloads section and transfer them to your phone
  • Once transferred, follow this guide from below to install the Stock Firmware/ROM on your smartphone.
  • Download the Correct Stock Rom or Custom Rom that you want to Flash on your Android Smartphone and extract it on your Computer
  • Now Download Smart Phone Flash Tool from the download section above and extract it on your PC.

Extract SP Flash Tool Zip

  • After Extracting, you will get many files.Now Open Flash_tool.exe from the extracted files

Run Flash Tool

  • Once SP Flash Tool is launched, Click on the Download Tab then click on the scatter-loading button.

Sp Flash Tool Download Option

  • Now, Locate the Scatter File (the scatter file will be in Stock ROM/Firmware folder).

Sp Flash Tool Scatter

  • Next, Click on the Download Button to begin the Flashing Process.
  • Now, Connect your Smartphone to the Computer using USB Cable which comes with the device (Power Off).
  • After connecting the device to the computer Press Volume Down or Volume Up key, so that your computer easily detects your smartphone.
  • Once Firmware Flashing is completed, a Green Ring will appear.

Green Ring in Smart Phone Flash Tool

  • Now close the Smart Phone Flash Tool on your computer and disconnect your Android Smartphone from the computer and reboot it
  • Done!!! Now your MTK Android Smartphone is running the Stock Rom

For dedicated guide, check: How to Flash MediaTek Stock ROMs With SP Flash Tool

  • Once you have done all the steps mentioned in the guide, your phone should be booted into Stock ROM.

We hope this guide helped you download and install stock ROMs for Itel devices. If you have any question related to this post, feel free to leave that in the comment section.

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