Steps to Limit Replies to your Tweets on Twitter

Twitter is a popular microblogging and social networking service that people can easily use just like Facebook and other social media platforms. It not only offers official and authenticate tweets (posts) but also its like, share, retweet, commenting system with what’s trending or which hashtag (#) needs to use, everything works really seamlessly. Although as the platform is open to all and free-of-cost, there are plenty of things that always happen on Twitter like not so suitable tweets, comments, etc. Therefore, the company has introduced Limit Replies to your Tweets on Twitter a while ago. If you also feel that you don’t want everyone to comment on your tweet, then check this simple guide to use this feature.

Now, you may ask what is Limit Replies or you can also say what is Reply Limit on Twitter… As the name suggests, it only set a filter on your tweets that allow you to choose your tweets to be commented by a specific group of people or an individual person, etc. That means either you can set a filter for People whom you follow or Only people you mention. Otherwise, Everyone will selected always by default.

In this way, you can easily control your tweet comments so that not everyone can comment on it unnecessarily. That’s the only benefit of this option. It will definitely save you from getting trolled for some reason, spam comments, people’s unfair discussions, any hateful or abusive comment, and more.

Steps to Limit Replies to your Tweets on Twitter

Steps to Limit Replies to your Tweets on Twitter

‘Everyone’ reply mode, each and every Twitter user can reply to your tweet. For ‘People you follow’, only those Twitter users can reply to your tweet whom you follow. Whereas For ‘Only people you mention’ means only those can comment on your tweet whom you will tag on that particular tweet.

Here we’ve shared both the web version and mobile device app of Twitter so that every user can easily understand how to set this filter mode on their tweets. So, let’s check it out.

For PC/Laptop (Web Version):

  • Open a web browser > Type and hit Enter to open up the Twitter page.
  • Either create or log into your Twitter account.
  • Now, click on the Tweet icon (+feather) at the bottom left corner.
  • Type in your stuff that you want to tweet (share the post).
  • Here you can use hashtags, you can also tag specific people or page, add images, GIF, Poll, emojis, schedule a date.
  • Once everything is done, click on the globe icon (Everyone can reply) > It will show you a list that “Who can reply?”.
  • By default, it’s always set to Everyone. Just click on People you follow or Only people you mention to select the filter.
  • Finally, click on Tweet.
  • You’re done.

For Mobile Device (Android and iOS):

  • Launch the Twitter app > tap on the Compose Tweet icon from the bottom right corner.
  • Type in your content that you want to share or tweet.
  • Now, tap on the globe icon (Everyone can reply).
  • By default, Everyone will be selected always. You can select either People you follow or Only people you mention.
  • Finally, tap on the Tweet button from the bottom right corner.
  • Enjoy!

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