Magisk v15.1 released; comes with bootloop fix for Magisk v15

Official Magisk v15.1 released; comes with bootloop fix for Magisk v15: Magisk is the system-less rooting method which has gained popularity in the recent times due to the ease with which the root access can be achieved and also the fact that there is no modification which is needed to be done to the system which means that the root access can also be achieved and we can also have the smartphone remain untouched which is not possible in any other method like SuperSU which was the previous most-popular rooting method but it involved modifying the system partitions.

Now, we have known that Magisk has been developed by a developer named as topjohnwu who is recognized on XDA as a senior member. Now, we covered the news very recently about the release of the latest stable version of Magisk which was the Magisk v15 and this version of the systemless root method came with many changes and improvements from the previous beta versions that we already released for testing. Now, the Magisk v15 caused boot looping issues on some of the smartphones around the world and this has been quickly acknowledged by the developer of Magisk.

Thus, the successor to Magisk v15 has already been released and the next version is Magisk v15.1 which comes just in a week’s time of the official release of the previous version. As we mentioned earlier, the major change in Magisk v15.1 is that the issue in v15 which was caused many devices to bootloop has now been fixed successfully and then there are other small changes in the latest version as well.

This includes bug fixes, a source code restructure, SU improvements. Now, if you were running the Magisk v15 and you have faced this boot loop issues as well, you can download the Magisk v15.1 from below which should solve the issues that you were facing till now

Download Magisk v15.1

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