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Latest Nova Launcher 8 beta is all about search improvements

Popular Android custom launcher Nova Launcher never ceases to astound fans with its rich feature set and customization possibilities. Despite its recent acquisition by mobile analytics company Branch, Nova Launcher remains a top choice among Android enthusiasts. Following the major v8 release in July of the previous year, Nova Launcher has been consistently rolling out beta updates, with the latest version focusing on improving app search and introducing integration with popular services like Spotify and Twitch. Let’s delve into the details of the enhancements brought by Nova Launcher v8.0.6.

Enhanced App Drawer and Search Experience

The new Nova Launcher beta introduces an immersive view option for the app search within the app drawer. Users can now choose between the existing window mode or the new immersive view, which provides a more visually engaging and seamless search experience. When opening the app drawer, the keyboard will now automatically appear, allowing users to quickly search for desired applications. Furthermore, users have the option to display frequently used apps at the top of the app drawer for convenient access, although this feature requires granting app usage permission.

Integration with Spotify, Twitch, and Calendar

Nova Launcher v8.0.6 brings enhanced search functionality with the integration of popular services such as Spotify, Twitch, and calendar applications. Users can now utilize the launcher’s search bar to search for their favorite playlists on Spotify or quickly find specific calendar entries. This integration streamlines the search experience by allowing users to access content from these services directly within the launcher, eliminating the need to switch between multiple apps.

Latest Nova Launcher 8 beta is all about search improvements

How to Get Nova Launcher v8.0.6 Beta

Users can join the Nova Launcher beta programm through the Play Store and download the most recent beta version to take advantage of the newest features and enhancements. Alternatively the beta APK can be obtained from the  here


Nova Launcher’s commitment to delivering a highly customizable and feature rich experience remains strong with the release of the v8.0.6 beta. The update introduces enhancements to the app drawer and search, including the immersive view option, automatic keyboard appearance, and quick access to frequently used apps.

The integration with Spotify, Twitch, and calendar services further expands the search capabilities of Nova Launcher, allowing users to conveniently search for playlists, live streams, and calendar entries directly from the launcher. Android enthusiasts can look forward to experiencing these improvements and enjoying a personalized home screen with Nova Launcher.

Shubham Pramanik
Shubham Pramanik
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