OnePlus 8T December 2022 Update: Fixes for Camera, Apps, Communication, & System

The OnePlus 8T December 2022 Android security patch has been released to users in India and North America with build versions KB2001_11_F.15 and KB2005_11_F.15, respectively. This update is 702 MB in size, which includes functional enhancements as well as fixes for system-related issues such as apps, cameras, fingerprints, communication connection etc., making it a must-have upgrade for all the OnePlus 8T users out there!

This latest update aims to improve system security stability and battery life while also fixing issues like screen flickering resetting settings to default values Bluetooth connectivity problems clipboard usage problems etc., giving you an improved user experience overall.

Moreover this new patch integrates the December 2022 Android Security Patch which will keep your device secure from any malware or other malicious activities that could otherwise harm your data or personal information stored on it!

Steps to update OnePlus 8T to December 2022 security patch update

OnePlus 8T December 2022 Update: Fixes for Camera, Apps, Communication, & System

The update can be manually installed by going to Settings > System > Software Updates > Download & Install.

Overall this latest software update provides enhanced performance along with better usability of features like camera fingerprint sensor communication connection etc., so if you are using a OnePlus 8T then make sure you install this new version ASAP – after all what’s more important than having an up-to-date phone?!


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