Telegram v4.7 update bring multiple accounts feature and more

Telegram v4.7 Is Now Officially Released With Multiple Accounts Feature: Telegram is the best alternative to the social messaging application WhatsApp which has been used worldwide. However, there are some features that are available on Telegram which is not available on WhatsApp and some of the features are not known to come anytime soon to the Facebook-owned application as well. One of these features is the ability to hide the phone numbers whenever we are chatting with the other users which enables that the numbers of each other are not revealed so that strangers don’t get access to personal contact numbers.

Apart from that, we have also known that Telegram has the ability to delete as well as edit the messages that have been sent already. Although we have known that WhatsApp has got the ability to delete messages but there is still no option in WhatsApp to edit the messages.

Also, WhatsApp only allows a message to be deleted only within the 7 minutes of sending the message which is not the case in Telegram as we can edit or delete the message whenever we want. Now, there have been many updates to Telegram and now there is the latest update rolling out to Telegram which bumps up the version number of the application to v4.7

Now, the latest addition in this version is that we can now add multiple accounts inside the application which will allow easy switching of accounts in order to chat with different accounts. Also, there is one new feature addition and this is the ability to quickly respond to messages with a swipe gesture. You can now simply swipe left on a message and you can reply to it instantly. Now, you will get the update to Telegram’s latest version directly from Play Store and we have added the link to download the app from Google Play Store below

Download Latest Telegram v4.7

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