Top 4 Best Free iPhone Launchers for Android 2017 | iOS Launcher

Top 4 Best Free iPhone Launchers for Android 2017 | iOS Launcher: If you are looking for some excellent iPhone launchers for your device, then you are certainly in the right place. In this article, we will be telling you how you can give an iPhone like feel to your Android device.

Since Android is the customizable and open source, you can find lots of iOS launcher apps by various developers. You will get to experience the true pleasure of using an iOS interface even on your Android phone easily. All you need to do is, download one of these launcher apps using Google Play Store and once you boot up your device, you can get the iOS feel on your Android device.

The best thing which makes Android unique is Customization and Custom Third party launchers are one of the most popular ways of customization on Android.Unlike rooting this is very simple, users can download Android launchers from Google Play store and customize the look of their Android Phones.

Agree with me or not, but iPhone’s UI simple and very responsive and there are many Android users who want iPhone type look and feel on their Android Phones.There are loads of iPhone (iOS Launcher) available in the Play store.So here we are sharing our Top 4 Best Free iPhone Launchers for Android 2017 | iOS Launcher

Editors’ Choice: Top 4 Best Free iPhone Launchers for Android 2017 | iOS Launcher

Top 4 Best Free iPhone Launchers for Android 2017 | iOS Launcher

#1 One Launcher

One Launcher is by far one of the best iPhone launchers you can get for your Android devices. This launcher simulates the iOS transition effects, icon packs, and some system icons as well. Similar to the iOS, all the app icons are scattered over the home screen for the much precise experience. Some of the apps are grouped based on different categories for a cleaner look. Few other features like gesture support, unread count are also available but you have to give permissions on your Android Marshmallow and later versions. There are numerous themes which would give you a fresh look of what you have.

[appbox googleplay]

#2 iLauncher 7 i5

This launcher will give your Android device a brand new refreshing iPhone like look while also packing lots of useful features. It has an average rating of 4.3 and has been installed more than hundred thousands of times. One of the first things that will catch your attention is the look of the App icons and the different look of the Phone settings. The feel and display features are not the only things similar, it is also a really fast app and will keep your device performance at par.

[appbox googleplay apptech.ilauncher7new&hl=en]

#3 6 Plus iOS launcher

The name of this launcher is derived from the iPhone 6 model so it is easy to understand that this launcher will give your device a look similar to the iPhone 6. It is a free app and is very highly rated by its users. However, this app comes loaded with a number of ads. It is not exactly a replica though as it provides similar features and keeps the phone performance in mind. You also get some interesting wallpapers to choose from and the MyApp screen will make the mobility of your screen an easy and fun job.

[appbox googleplay themers.launcher6plusbeta]

#4 OS 10 Launcher

The OS 10 launcher comes packed with lot of great power for all the Android fans as it will bring an almost clone experience of iOS on your Android device for free. The system icons get replaced with Apple ones, even all the non-system apps will get rounded to match the iOS style. This launcher manages to nail down most of the aspects of iOS right from the transitions to the app opening style. One of the best parts of this launcher is the option to customize it the way you want it. You can easily adjust the vertical and horizontal app counts on the home screen, name size, color, app icon size, and other aspects.

[appbox googleplay com.appvv.os9launcherhd&hl=en]


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