Top 5 best camera apps for OnePlus 5T [DSLR Manual Modes]

Top 5 best camera apps for OnePlus 5T with all the manual modes: The one thing which saw great improvements along with the growth of smartphone is the camera in it. Now a phone without a camera is rare to see in a market. From feature phones to smartphones, every device has a good camera with it. While high-end smartphones are continuously improving camera, nobody really needs an extra camera like old days. The portrait mode which is getting added to more and more devices is capable of getting sharp shots similar to a high-end DSLR camera. Now the extent of camera usage among smartphone lovers is very high.

The OnePlus 5T is a smartphone which became one of the best smartphones with a good camera in the year of 2017. By bringing in the famous portrait mode they were able to get a larger user base just for the camera. Known as the flagship killer the OnePlus 5T became a start with its good price tag and cool features, in which the camera out-stood.

Although the stock camera app of OnePlus 5T does perform well, a third-party app can increase the output. There are a lot of camera apps which are available for free from the Google Play store. Here we are providing the list of top 5 best cameras for OnePlus 5T, please read through to find out.

Our List Of Top 5 best camera apps for OnePlus 5T

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1. Camera JB+

Developed based on the old camera settings of Android jelly bean, this app is a simple to use camera app. Not just that the app is stacked with a lot of cool features including panorama mode, live effects, video capture, burst mode, and picture quality settings. The app also has a simple point and capture method, making it suitable for simple use.


Kamera JB+ – Camera JB+

2. Camera Zoom FX

This app has been there for a very long time and is loved by many users which is evident from the reviews and ratings. A lot of added features including the 360-degree shot, panorama, HDR, timelapse, live effect and a lot more is provided with this app. You also can control a lot of things like shutter speed and focus very easily on this app.


Camera ZOOM FX

3. BestMe Selfie Camera

This an app which is perfect for those social media and selfie freaks. The app has a lot of add-ons like stickers, icons, and real-time filters.


BestMe Selfie Camera

4. Camera MX

Loved by a lot of users this is an app which has been there for a long time now. They have improved a lot and added new features to stay suitable for the changing trend in smartphone cameras. This is suitable for the easy going people and can help you get a shot without a lot of work included. There are a lot of editing tools included in the app. The main features include live effects and scene mods. The app supports the 16:9 ratio.


Camera MX – Foto, Video, GIF Kamera & Editor

5. Camera FV-5

This is the app perfect for those professionals in mobile photography. The app includes controls for exposure compensation, iso, light metering, white balance, focus and, shutter speed. You can get both PNG and Jpeg files as outputs from the app.


Camera FV-5

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