[Unblocked Geo Locked] Unlock and Play Heardle daily in your region

After the incredible success of the viral game Wordle, many of its spin-offs have enjoyed success as well. Heardle is one such game. Heardle has been enjoying the limelight and wowing the music lovers around the world. While the official website of Heardle is accessible from everywhere, not every region is able to access it. Not all locations can access the daily sound clips needed for playing the game.

As no one should be left out of getting their daily dose of enjoying Heardle, this article will be helpful for people who have Heardle blocked in their region. In this article, you’ll get to know the simple methods of unblocking the game and playing it daily no matter where you are.

Why Heardle might be blocked in your region?

When you head over to Heardle and everything is loading perfectly, you will ideally see a board with six boxes where your guesses will be displayed. Below that, there will be a media player meant for playing a clip of the song you are about to guess. For helping you with the first guess, only a second of the track will be played while subsequent guesses would reveal up to 16 seconds of the song. However, this might not appear on your screen if Heardle cannot load up properly on your web browser. You may even find yourself in situations where you’ll see this error – “Today’s track is unavailable on SoundCloud in your location”.

But why are you seeing this error? It probably has to do with your location as it might be preventing you from listening to the clip from the day’s soundtrack. Heardle uses SoundCloud as the source to provide audio tracks used as clues in the game. As Heardle’s official website mentions, Heardle and SoundCloud have an integration allowing Heardle to upload, play, and engage tracks from SoundCloud. While Heardle might not have been blocked directly in your region, there is a possibility that SoundCloud or a portion of its music library is blocked. While SoundCloud is among the most popular music streaming services, you might still be blocked from accessing its services or a portion of its content.

If you’re not able to load anything from SoundCloud, it means that your region is geo-blocked from SoundCloud. Such restrictions are fairly common in other streaming sites like Spotify, YouTube TV, Hotstar, etc.

[Unblocked Geo Locked] Unlock and Play Heardle daily in your region

In the case of Heardle, the reason for the audio tracks not loading might have more to do with copyright and licensing restrictions of the content that is being played on SoundCloud. This might be happening as the artist or the publishing company might not have the right to stream specific content worldwide.

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How to unblock Heardle in your region?

Unblock Heardle on your phone

For this method, you will need to use any VPN like Urban Free VPN. It is a totally free VPN that is very easy to set up and use. It can easily bypass geo-block as well as any paid VPN service on Google Play Store or App Store.

  • Once you’ve downloaded Urban VPN, simply open it and follow the instructions to set it up.
  • Once it is done, you should tap on the down arrow icon near the “Auto Location” option for selecting a desired remote server.
  • To give Urban VPN access to add VPN configurations, you should tap on “Allow”.
  • Then, wait for the VPN to add configurations for the VPN Service.
  • In the list of locations, you should select the option that best suits you. For instance, you can select a country like Australia or Japan and it’ll allow you to play Heardle seamlessly.
  • Your VPN connection will then initialize and you’ll see the timer begin to count once the connection is ready to be used.
  • You can check whether Heardle is loading up properly on your smartphone by opening the browser on your phone and heading to Heardle’s website.

Unblock Heardle on your PC

Unblocking Heardle on your PC will be very similar to unblocking it on your smartphone. However, instead of using a VPN app for bypassing the geo-block, you’ll be using a VPN extension on Chrome. You can install any decent VPN extension but Urban Free will be used here as an example. Urban Free VPN Proxy Unblocker is quite reliable and easy to use. Unlike the mobile app, this extension will have almost all the proxy server locations in the free version.

  • You’ll need to open Google Chrome on your PC and open the Urban Free VPN Proxy Unblocker extension on one of the tabs. You’ll be able to use any web browser that is offering this add-on extension.
  • Once you’ve opened the page, simply click on “Add to Chrome”.
  • Once the extension has been installed, click on the Extensions icon at the top right corner of the browser window.
  • In the overflow menu of the extension, simply click on the extension you’ve just installed and then follow the on-screen instructions for setting it up.
  • Once it is set up, you should click on Auto Server and you’ll be able to select the server location.
  • From the list of options available, you should choose “United States”. You will now be connected to a VPN.
  • Once VPN is enabled in the browser, simply go to Heardle and then check if the sound clip for that day’s challenge is loading up by clicking on the Play Icon.
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