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[2020 Updated] How To Unlock Bootloader On Huawei & Honor Devices

Update May 2019: All the bootloader unlocking methods have been blocked by Huawei. So none of the methods is working currently. Don’t try to unlock Huawei or Honor devices as of now. We will be updating the post once there is a valid way available.

Now there are some Paid services available, from where you can buy Huawei Unlock code. We have shared the websites with their prices. Make sure to check the website details before purchasing. We are not associated with these websites in any form.

Some Paid Sevices To Unlock Bootloader On Huawei/Honor

This step by step guide, you will learn How To safely Unlock Bootloader On Huawei Devices. This guide is applicable for any Huawei and Honor devices. It is a very simple and easy process. Just follow the given steps carefully to Unlock Bootloader On Any Huawei Devices

Unlocking the Bootloader Of any android device is the first thing to do if you want to root your device or want to install custom ROM or any other flashable files. You can Flash modified system, boot, kernel, custom recovery(TWRP/CWM) or other .img files on your device.

Unlocking Bootloader is now a very simple process. Companies like Sony, Motorola, Huawei and other OEMs officially allow users to unlock the bootloader on their devices. You have to first get a unlock password from the manufacturer Website, then you can easily unlock the bootloader by issuing few ADB & Fastboot command.

New Update: 25th May 2018

Huawei is going to end the bootloader unlocking support in 2 months. Yesterday  shared the official announcement of this on his twitter account. Huawei quoted ” In order to provide better user experience and to avoid issues caused by flashing ROMs and unlocking the bootloader, they are going to end the service”. You can see the announcement below.

Huawei bootloader service stopped

Many tech experts are in talks with Huawei to convince them not to stop the service, only time will tell the outcome.

Android Rooting and Bootloader Unlocking Relation

Android Rooting Process

The Process of Rooting on Android has 3 main steps. First users need to unlock the bootloader. Once the bootloader is unlocked, the user can flash Custom Recoveries like TWRP. After installing the custom recovery, the user can gain root access by flashing supersu or magsik.

Here we will be using a windows computer, so make sure you have one.

  • Note: 
    • Unlocking bootloader will completely wipe your device’s data(Everything like music, photos, videos & apps). So we highly recommend taking backup of your important data.

Disclaimer will not be held responsible for any kind of damage occurred to your Huawei Device while following this tutorial. Do it at your own risk.

Important & Pre-Requirements

*Make sure there is at least 60% battery left on your smartphone before begin started this process

→ Unlock Bootloader On Huawei Devices

How To Unlock Bootloader On Huawei Devices (Works On Honor Devices Too)

Unlock Bootloader On Huawei Devices (Honor Devices Too)

→ First read the Pre-Requirement section carefully.

Huawei/Honor Unlock code EMUI Website

  • Once registration is done, it will automatically redirect to the Agreement page.

Huawei/Honor Unlock Agreement Page

  • If it won’t redirect you to the agreement page, just click on Unlock Bootloader Link On the Website

Unlock Bootloader Option

  • Agree to the terms and condition and click  Next button. (read carefully)

Agree to the bootloader unlock agreenment

  • On the next page, provide the required information about your device and hit Submit button.

Provide required details for huwaei/honor bootloader unlock

  • If everything is correct, you’ll get a unique 16-digit bootloader unlock password for your device.

Huawei/Honor Bootloader Unlocking Code

  • Now connect your Huawei device to the PC with a USB cable.(Give it required permission)
  • Boot your Huawei device into bootloader mode using the following command:
adb reboot bootloader

└ If your device doesn’t boot into bootloader mode, then disable Fastboot function from your device’s Settings.

  • Once your device is in bootloader mode, issue the following command to unlock bootloader:
fastboot oem unlock your-unlock-password

└ Replace the unlock Code with the Red text

  • The bootloader unlocking process will start automatically.
  • Once the process is finished, your device will reboot.

→ If you have any question related to this post then feel free to leave that in the comment section below.

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