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What is SIE PlayStation Network Charge?

Most likely, you have seen a debit on your card/bank statement in the name of the SIE PlayStation Network charge. What is it? Why are you paying this charge? Is there any way to avoid this charge? This guide will answer all your questions about the SIE PlayStation Network Charge.

What is SIE PlayStation Network Charge?

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is behind the PlayStation products and services. The charges deducted in the name of “SIE PlayStation Network charge” is confusing most of the time, as there is no clear-cut answer for what the users are being charged for. Whether you understand this or not, a specific amount of sum will continue to deduct every month from your bank account.

The next question that you might be asking could be how to stop being charged by Sony in the name of SIE PlayStation Network Charge?

How to stop being charged for the PSN fee?

To stop paying for the PlayStation Network (PSN) fee every month, you can turn off the auto-renew option for the PlayStation subscription so that the subscription doesn’t get renewed automatically. Follow the steps mentioned below to turn off the automatic renewal of the subscription.

  • Click on Account Management under the Settings option
  • Tap on Account Information
  • Now, select the PlayStation Subscription
  • Select the membership which you want to cancel
  • The final step, click on the Turn off Auto Renew option

Doing this will stop the subscription from getting renewed automatically. So, you can pay for the subscription whenever required.  

How to add a default payment method on PlayStation?

PlayStation gaming console

To use the PlayStation service, one must need a PlayStation account, which is completely free to create. But, you will have to pay a specific sum of amount every month to use the service. After creating an account, you might consider adding a default payment method, which can be done easily using the following steps.

  • First, Sign in on the PlayStation store
  • Choose your Online ID
  • Go to Payment Management and tap on Add Payment Method
  • Fill in the necessary details, and you are done adding a default payment method.

How to play Online PlayStation free of cost

Thankfully, PlayStation allows users to play some specific online games for free. You can even play those on PS4 and PS5. And there’s no PSN fee also. You can start playing after doing sign up on PSN.

We hope this guide was helpful to you. Feel free to reach us via the comment section if any questions have been left unanswered or if you have any doubts.

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