Windows 11 Preview Build 22631.2792 (KB5032288) Live Now!

Microsoft recently announced the latest monthly update for Windows 11, version 23H2. This update was expected at the end of the month, but it was delayed, likely because of the Thanksgiving holiday. Now, it’s available, and it seems like it might be released to the public soon.

Along with version 23H2, there’s also a Preview build for version 22H2 out now. It’s worth mentioning that after February, version 22H2 won’t get any more optional or non-security preview updates. The focus will shift to version 23H2.

These monthly updates bring lots of changes and fix important bugs. The most recent Preview build for Windows 11, numbered 22631.2792 (KB5032288), comes with several improvements. You can check out the full list of changes in the changelog.

Here’s what’s new with Windows updates

Windows 11 Preview Build 22631.2792 (KB5032288) Live Now!

  1. Copilot in Windows (Preview) on Multiple Displays: You can now use Copilot in Windows on different screens. Just click its button on the taskbar of the display where you want it. Press Win+C to open it on the last display used. If you’re using a keyboard, hit Win+T to focus on the taskbar, then select the Copilot button. This feature is first available to a limited group and will reach more people over time.
  2. Using Copilot with Alt+Tab: With Copilot in Windows, you can press Alt+Tab to see its thumbnail preview among other open windows, and switch using Tab. This is also initially available to a select audience.
  3. Windows Spotlight as Default Background: Soon, Windows Spotlight might become your default background if you’re using a standard Windows image.
  4. Copilot Access with Local Account: You can ask for Copilot help ten times with a local account. After that, you need a verified account like a Microsoft account (MSA) or Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), soon to be called Microsoft Entra ID.
  5. Microsoft Account Notifications in Settings: There are new notifications for Microsoft accounts in Settings > Home. These help manage your data, subscriptions, and account security. You can control these notifications under Settings > Privacy & security > General.
  6. Updates to Copilot in Windows (Preview): There are improvements in how quickly Copilot opens from the taskbar, a fix for its icon not showing as active, and faster performance overall.
  7. Internet Explorer Mode Fixes: Issues with IE mode not responding have been addressed, especially with text box focus and multiple IE tabs open.
  8. Dynamic Lighting Power Usage: The update reduces the power consumption of Dynamic Lighting on devices.
  9. Cursor and File Explorer Improvements: Fixes include cursor issues in Japanese writing and screen capture, Widget notification badge position, File Explorer context menu problems, unexpected File Explorer window appearances, and incorrect options in File Explorer’s left pane.
  10. Microsoft Store Apps and Narrator Fixes: Addresses issues with Microsoft Store apps not responding or updating, and Narrator not opening during Windows setup.
  11. Context Menu and Monthly Preview Build: The context menu now works better. The monthly preview build is optional, with the official build coming in two weeks. To check for updates, go to Settings > Windows Update.

The latest monthly preview build of Windows will be accessible to all users, offering the flexibility to either install it immediately or await the official build, anticipated for release in the upcoming two weeks. For those interested in accessing this update, navigate to Settings > Windows Update to initiate the process.

Please note, in observance of the Western holiday season, Microsoft will pause the release of non-security Preview builds during December. The regular schedule will recommence in January with the introduction of the monthly security release.


Dibyashree Sharma
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