Xiaomi Mi 10 Series will come with UFS 3.0 Storage as mass production of UFS 3.1 will begin in April

If you’re waiting for the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 10 series devices then you should start rejoicing as Xiaomi has recently teased a couple of poster images where we can clearly see that the Mi 10 series will be equipped with UFS 3.0 storage. It’s the next-gen flash storage that offers a higher data read/write speed, improves reliability, and more. Xiaomi also has mentioned that the UFS 3.0 storage will have a 100% speed than the previous generation UFS 2.1 flash storage version.

The UFS 3.0 storage is currently the fastest flash memory in the industry and the mass production of the next-gen UFS 3.1 storage will start in April 2020. If you don’t know, the UFS 3.0 storage interface has a bandwidth up to 2900MB/s which is twice the UFS 2.1 storage and 6.25-times faster than the eMMC 5.1 storage.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Series will come with UFS 3.0 Storage

Additionally, Xiaomi has also mentioned that the UFS 3.0 storage is very power-saving which can consume 60% less power per sequential read per GB/s than the UFS 2.1 storage. While it can consume 48% less power per sequential write per GB/s than the UFS 2.1 storage. Thanks to @GadgetsFlix for sharing the images on Twitter.

Now, talking about the launch of the Mi 10 series devices, Xiaomi has released an official press invite that mentions a global launch event in Barcelona on February 23, 2020. Additionally, the Mi 10 may also come with LPDDR5 RAM according to the reports. Till then, stay tuned for more info.

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