Gapps For Android 7.0/7.1.1/7.1.2 ROM (Nano, Pico, Mini, Micro and Full)

Written by Aditya Verma

If you guys finding Gapps for your device running on Android Nougat 7.0 then you are at the right place because today we gonna provide you the download links of all the Gapps available for Android 7.0 Nougat. We have shared the download link of all the gapps Micro to Full. You have to choose the right package according to your needs. Keep in mind that these Gapps are only made for the device running on Android Nougat. Gapps On Android 7.0 ROM

Gapps are very important package because it contains some important Google Application like Google Chrome, Youtube and the main part or you can say the heart of every android mobile which is ‘Play Store’, Gapps also contains Google Play Store and this is the main reason why large number of people flash gapps package on their Android device.  Gapps On Android 7.0 ROM

Any custom ROM like Cyanogenmod/Lineage, ResurrectionRemix, AOSP or any other customs ROMS comes without Gapps package, so all the users who are running their device on the custom ROM based on Android Nougat have to flash the Gapps Package. Gapps On Android 7.0 ROM



For installing Nougat Gapps on your device, you must install the following on your device:

  • Android 7.0 Nougat based AOSP custom ROM, like CM14 or SlimROM.
  • A custom recovery such as TWRP or CWM.
  • At least 25-30% battery remaining. Although installing such apps won’t take more than 5 minutes, but always be prepared for the worst in case things go wrong.
  • Ample space remaining on your device, depending on which Gapp you want to install.

Download Google GAPPS For Android 7.0 Nougat ROMs

Gapps On Android 7.0 ROM

(All Sizes from Micro to Full) / Special thanks to devs over Open Gapps project.

Download GApps For Any Android (recommended)

Stock Nougat Gapps (490 MB) 

Download Stock Nougat Gapps

Full Nougat Gapps (441 MB) 

Download Full Nougat Gapps

Mini Nougat Gapps (228 MB) 

Download Mini Nougat Gapps

Micro Nougat Gapps (142 MB) 

Download Micro Nougat Gapps

Nano Nougat Gapps (91 MB) 

Download Nano Nougat Gapps

Pico Nougat Gapps (49 MB) 

Download Pico Nougat Gapps

For latest Gapps Check Out Here 

For Other Nougat Gapps Links and Installation guide checkout  Download and Install Latest Official Nougat Gapps (Android 7.0/7.1.1/7.1.2) With More Links

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