8 Common OnePlus 3 Problems and How To Get Them Fixed

Here we will be sharing some common OnePlus 3 Problems and some possible steps to fix those problems.These are some common issues on OnePlus 3 devices which are reported by the users, so here we come with some possible ways to get them fixed.

The trending OnePlus 3 Smartphone is one the move since a few days, having been launched in the month of June 2016. This cool android phone has had added advantages and really amazing features taking the game levels to the top smartphone providers like Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone 6s.

Though a marvel with stunning features, Oneplus 3 has had a few drawbacks and negative user reviews, substantiating for next generation models alike. Listed below are some of the few problems encountered during the regular use of this smartphone and the corresponding fixations you might consider for better performance for the same.

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8 Common OnePlus 3 Problems and their possible fixes

8 Common OnePlus 3 Problems and How To Get Them Fixed

1) Problem: Nonstable Bluetooth connection. Sometimes doesn’t connect at all

Well, quite a generic problem encountered with one plus 3 where the device is not able to connect to the corresponding Bluetooth devices or the speaker phones. Even if it does connect, it usually ends up having lost the connection after a few minutes.



  • The basic Bluetooth connection problem is encountered when there is power saving mode usually enabled in the smartphone. This decreases the Bluetooth performance on the whole. Try checking out for similar issues.
  • If the problem still persists, switch off the Bluetooth and have your phone restarted. This should generally solve the given problem
  • If this doesn’t work out, try updating the Bluetooth firmware. It is advisable to check the manual for any specifications mentioned particularly for enabling Bluetooth on your smartphone.


2) Problem: Display is reverted and the colors are quite uncanny on the One Plus 3 screen

Quite a jaggy appearance his noted compared to the display of the other smartphones.


  • Please be noted that the smartphone One plus 3 does not use RGB colors. Instead, it is purely based on NTSC color profiles.
  • So the expected variation is possible. This is however not a hardware defect as is presumed to be.

3) Problem: Issues of RAM noticed and the apps face rapid clearance from memory

The users have encountered rapid clearance of apps from memory during parallel execution process and are oftentimes required to be reloaded for the same.


  • Well, for the users, you need to know that One plus 3 uses rigorous memory management and is oftentimes required to clear the corresponding memory for better battery performance.
  • However, if you still wish to resolve this issue, you might want to consider modification of a specific file in the system
  • The file is named “build. prop” where you just need to modify the line “ro.sys.fq.bg_apps= limit”. Set the limit to around values of 42 or 38, whichever seems better for you, to get back the required parallel performance of your smartphone

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4) Problem:  Power on facilities is compromised.

The smartphone faces issues of getting powered on for quite a significant amount of time. Reports suggest that this is quite a featured issue in the support center of the company.


  • Here is what you should do. Get hold of the device and press the power button for 20 – 30 seconds or so. You are advised to do it to a total of 5 times for better output.
  • Also, when the phone is in switched off mode, try pressing the power and the volume button together for quite duration of around 5-10 seconds and sees the phone starting up.
  • If at all, this doesn’t work, you are advised to contact the support forum of the device providers and get attended to accordingly.


5) Problem: Home button facing performance issues

Well, this s a similar problem encountered in the One plus 2 too, and seems the developers have not yet got rid of the corresponding bug for the same. The home button is said not to respond to pressing and is usually derived to either a software glitch or a hardware malfunction.


  • Try handling the home button with a single hand.
  • If possible, use a case for the phone. This seemingly solved the problem for some.
  • Try using the home button which is exclusively made available on screen for you.
  • The latest you might consider is, get the device replaced with the corresponding provider or contact the support forum with the issue accordingly.

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6) Problem: Notifications are not displayed on the phone.

To be specific, people reported that they do not receive theirWhatsAppp notifications on the phone which is quite an odd thing, because it should actually.  This explains that there is a slight modification of settings which you should do.


  • Try disabling the power saving mode. This most often shuts down the apps.
  • Try enabling the push notifications from the app
  • Contact the support forum if the problem still exists.

7) Problem: Signal is not showing 

Some users reported that their OnePlus 3 is not showing any signal on the status bar.This is really annoying as you can’t do cellular activity if this happens.


  • Restart your device
  • By default network selection is automatic, just manually search for the network (Settings > Mobile Networks > Network Operators > Manual)

8)Problem: OnePlus 3 Screen freezing

This is one of the common problems in every android device.Once in a while, every user has experienced it.So we have a proper guide to fix this.


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Above are some of the Common OnePlus 3 Problems and Some Tips to Get Them Fixed

If you have any question related to this post, feel free to laeve that in the comment section 🙂

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