Apple starts rolling out the first beta of iOS 17.1 for Developers

Apple has rolled out the first update after the iOS 17 official release and it comes in the form of the first beta of iOS 17.1. This update has been rolled out to developers, with the availability for public beta testers coming out very soon.

Recently, Apple put the final touches on the iOS 17 official release by releasing two incremental updates and it has now started iOS 17.1 beta testing. Moreover, it is also the first beta for the newly launched iPhone 15 Series.

The iOS 17 introduced new features but as expected, many features were planned for release later in the year. These features will be delivered for users through updates like iOS 17.1. This update will also bring improvements and stability enhancements.

Changelog for the new update

first beta of iOS 17

Other than the first beta of iOS 17.1 for developers, Apple has also rolled out the iPadOS 17.1 beta, tvOS 17.1 beta, watchOS 10.1 beta, and macOS Sonoma 14.1 beta. As for the build number, both first beta of iOS 17.1 and first beta of iPadOS 17.1 come with the same build number 21B5045h. Since this is the first beta, it means it’ll be a large update in terms of size.

As for the features, the first beta of iOS 17.1 comes with many changes and new features such as –

  • The new update brings in a new Modem update
  • Mark your favorite song directly from the lock screen using Now Playing widget
  • Removes the new Ringtone rolled out with the iOS 17 update and brings back old Ringtones
  • Song suggests present in the bottom of the playlists
  • New Favorite playlist option added to Apple Music
  • Live Activity for Flashlight is added on iPhone 14 Pro models
  • Added a new AirDrop option in the form of “Use Cellular Data”, which will continue to share files even if you’ve gone out of range, using the Internet

How to update to the first beta of iOS 17.1

The first beta of iOS 17.1 update is currently available to developers and it’ll be made available to Public Beta testers soon. If you’ve got the developer beta or public beta enabled, you’ll be receiving the new beta update on your device. To check the update, you should go to Settings -> General -> Software Update.

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