How to fix Cannot Install the HWiNFO Driver in Windows 11

The HWiNFO.sys is essentially a system driver package that lets the software on your PC get a hold of detailed and comprehensive info regarding numerous hardware components. This way, it gives a blueprint to the OS such that it can act accordingly.

However, with the recent Windows 11 update KB5028254, users are getting a few errors. They have been the “Cannot Install the HWiNFO Driver” error.

If you’re one of those issues, then this guide will be helpful. In this guide, you will get to know how to fix Cannot Install the HWiNFO Driver in Windows 11.

Steps to fix Cannot Install the HWiNFO Driver in Windows 11

Cannot Install the HWiNFO

Method 1: Turn off memory integrity

  • Open Windows Security by going to the Start Menu
  • Then, head over to “Device Security” and then click on “Core isolation details”
  • Turn off the toggle beside “Memory integrity”
  • Restart your PC and then check the result

Method 2: Disable Driver Signature Enforcement

  • Open the Power menu and continue to press the Shift button before clicking on “Restart”
  • Your PC will boot to the Windows Recovery Entertainment, click on the Troubleshoot option
  • Then, click on the Advanced options
  • Select the Startup Settings
  • Press the Fn + F7 or F7 key to boot up your PC to boot with the Driver Signature Verification disabled
  • Check if the Cannot Install the HWiNFO Driver issue is resolved

Method 3: Use SFC and DISM scans

  • Right-click on the Start menu before selecting “Windows Terminal”
  • Click on the down arrow next to the new tab icon and choose “Command Prompt” from the list
  • After opening the CMD window, copy-paste the following command to open the SFC tool –
  • Once the SFC scanning has been completed, it’ll be time to use the DISM tool so you’ll need to copy-paste this command –
  • Once DISM has finished the scanning, restart your PC and then check if the Cannot Install the HWiNFO Driver issue is resolved

Method 4: Reinstall HWiNFO driver

  • Launch HWiNFO64 and then click on “Settings”
  • Head over to Driver Management and then click “Remove”
  • Open “Registry Editor” and then go to the following location –
  • If you find a file related to HWiNF064, then you should delete it
  • Now, restart your PC
  • Download the HWiNFO64 by going to the following link
  • Launch it and then install the HWiNFO Driver on your PC
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