How to Fix Elephone Smartphones Not Charging Problem?

Wondering How to Fix Elephone Smartphones Not Charging Problem? Don’t worry we have got you covered.Elephone is a Chinese smartphone brand and in the last few years, the brand has emerged significantly with various quality smartphones with affordable price tags. The performance of all the smartphones has been very promising and there are various features that users get which made the brand popular.

Due to the availability of various features and robust performance, users are addicted to playing games and performing heavy-duty tasks. Naturally, the battery drains away fast and there is a need for charging the device regularly. This is where many Elephone smartphones have faced some problems like slow charging, not charging issues and likewise. The following guide will help you immensely if you are facing such issues with your Elephone smartphone.

Steps To Fix Elephone Smartphones Not Charging Problem

The most annoying thing for a smartphone user is the slow charging issue of their smartphones. In today’s world, we cannot live without our smartphones for a minute and if the smartphone takes hours to charge fully, it is going to piss us off. During an emergency, you cannot even charge your smartphone faster and it will be dead and useless. There are some Elephone smartphone users who have faced not charging issue as well. Take the following steps to fix such issues.

This method solves basic issues with Wi-Fi connectivity on Elephone smartphones.

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Understanding The Issue

A slowing charging issue could be due to hardware as well as a software issue. If you are charging your smartphone with many apps running in the background and enabling various connectives like GPS, Wi-Fi and likewise, naturally the charging time will be prolonged. You will also notice that after taking a system update from the OEM, the charging speed could get slow and in such cases, you have to restore to the previous version and wait for the next update where the problem might have been solved. Sometimes, the battery may be damaged and you may have to replace the battery with an original one to solve the issue. But there are a few things you need to check before seeking technical assistance.

Inspect Your Charger

A broken charger could be the reason for not charging or slow charging. To check it properly, charge your device with another charger or use the same charger to charge another device. This will make you understand whether there is a problem or not and you can buy a compatible charger accordingly.

Check both charging adopter and the USB cable.Sometimes charge=ing cables are the reason for these kinds of charging issues.

Clean The Charging Port

The reason for slow or no charging could be due to the accumulation of dust particles in the charging port. They prevent in making a good connectivity and hence, the charging could be slow. You can take your device to a nearby service centre to clean the port if you cannot do it at home.

If both the charger and the charging port are good and you have no apps running in the background and still there is no or slow charging issue you are facing, it is time to visit a service centre.

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