How to Fix Battery Drain In Elephone Smartphones

Fix Battery Drain In Elephone Smartphones: One of the biggest concerns that smartphone users face after buying a smartphone is the battery drainage problem. Using too many apps and playing games drain the battery within a few hours and you could end up charging your battery at least a couple of times every day. It does not matter how much mAh of the battery of the smartphone you are buying, the problem will be the same.

Whether it is a Chinese brand’s budget or mid-range smartphone or European brand premium smartphone, you have to know how to fix battery drain issue to prolong the battery life. Among the Chinese brands, Elephone has emerged exponentially in the last couple of years. If you have Elephone smartphone, the following guide will be immensely helpful to fix battery drain issue.

Steps To Fix Battery Drain In Elephone Smartphones

Elephone has multiple smartphones available in the market and some of them are huge battery configuration. Irrespective of that, battery drainage is a common annoyance which can be attributed to robust hardware specifications and various multitasking abilities. To prolong your Elephone’s battery life, take the following steps

Fix Battery Drain In Elephone Smartphones

  • Adjust Brightness

Having full brightness through day and night is going to consume battery power faster than anything. There is no need of full brightness in indoor conditions and it is only needed in outdoor conditions. You should adjust accordingly and keep the brightness to a minimum as and when possible.

  • Disable Unnecessary Connectivity

There are various types of connectivity options available like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, GPS, NFC and what not. Having them turned on when not used is a complete waste of battery life as they consume power all the time. Therefore, disable them when not used to extend battery life.

  • Uninstall Unwanted Apps

An Elephone smartphone comes with various bloatware apps, some of which can be uninstalled. You should definitely uninstall them if not required. Furthermore, you should also uninstall any app that you installed which is no more required. There are many such apps that run in the background and consume battery power.

  • Use Battery Saving Mode

Elephone smartphone just like most of the smartphones come with a dedicated battery saving mode which is designed to stop all the services that consume battery power. You can enable this mode at night before you go to sleep and disable it when you wake up. There is hardly going to be any reduction in battery power overnight.

Furthermore, you can install a lightweight battery saving app like Greenify to extend your battery life by killing unnecessary background running processes.

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