How To Fix Water Damaged Elephone Smartphones?

Steps To Fix Water Damaged Elephone Smartphones: Chinese smartphones have completely taken over the smartphone market across the globe. From budget smartphones to mid-range smartphones, they literally have free reign. The Chinese smartphones which were not previously available in major European countries, in the last couple of years, they have grown there by leaps and bounds. The reason for their popularity is providing great specifications at a relatively cheaper rate than other popular smartphone brands from European countries cannot afford to sell. One of such emerging brands is Elephone and they are known for producing good smartphones at affordable prices. In case you have an Elephone smartphone and if it has good water damaged accidentally, the following guide will be your phone’s lifesaver.

One of the most fear factors of a smartphone user is water. Most of the budget and mid-range smartphone are not water resistant and water splash or an accidental drop in a water jar can be its undoing. The electronic circuits can get permanently damaged and it can cost dearly to repair it. As a matter of fact, even waterproof smartphones can also get water damaged when putting inside water for a longer time than mentioned by the brand.

Steps To How To Fix Water Damaged Elephone Smartphones

Fix Water Damaged Elephone Smartphones

Even after taking utmost care, things can go wrong at times and your Elephone smartphone can get dropped in water and get water damaged. But this is not the end of your smartphone and there are a few things you can do to revive it. Act as fast as possible and perform the following steps rigorously.

Step 1. Switch off your device. Remove protective case, cover, and screen protector. Remove microSD card, SIM card, and battery.

Step 2. Shake your device vigorously to remove water droplets and then wipe the device with water absorbing soft cloth.

Step 3. Get some silica gel packets and leave the device in them overnight. If silica gels are not available, you can put the smartphone in a bowl of dry rice.

This should do it and hopefully, you can turn to your device and use it the next morning.


There are a few common things you should never do to your water damaged Elephone smartphone.

1. Never use a blower or dryer to dry off water droplets as the electronic broad inside is made up of delicate components that can get weakened with the heat released by blower or heater.

2. Never plug your device for charging unless you are sure all the water is absorbed overnight. Your device can get short-circuited and exploded.

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