Modern Warfare 2 Stuttering or Lagging Badly? Here’s some fixes.

MW2 stuttering and fps drop? Here what to do: Modern Warfare 2 has now officially gone live for players who have pre-ordered the game. Unfortunately, but also expected, the first few days of the Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer have been marked by a series of issues. Among many other issues, players are reporting that the game is stuttering and lagging badly. The situation of stuttering and lag is equally terrible for players with high-end PCs. In this guide, you’ll get to know how to fix Modern Warfare 2 Stuttering or Lagging Badly.

Lag can really make things difficult in MW2, which is a game that relies heavily on quick reactions from its players. At this pivotal moment in the game, even a momentary lag in response time could have dire effects.

High-end gamers have fewer performance concerns than low- and medium-end gamers. We created a basic performance guide to help you fix performance issues with easy tweaks. Here’s  How to fix Modern Warfare 2 2022 fps drops and stuttering.

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How to fix Modern Warfare 2 Stuttering or Lagging Badly

Fix Modern Warfare 2 Stuttering or Lagging Badly

Method 1: Verify Modern Warfare 2

  • Right-click on Modern Warfare 2 in the Steam library
  • Now, select Properties and then select the “Local Files” tab
  • Now, click on “Verify Integrity of Game Files”
  • Wait for Steam to do its work
  • When the process is complete, you should restart your PC
  • Launch Steam and then open Modern Warfare 2

Method 2: Update Console firmware

  • Go to Settings and press System
  • Choose System Software and then press System Software Update and Settings
  • After that, select Update System Software and then select Update Using Internet

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Method 3: Power cycle your console

  • Shut down your PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5 completely
  • Remove the power cable from your console
  • Wait for 20-30 seconds and then plug the cable in again
  • Finally, turn on your console and then check for the issue again

Method 4: Update the game

  • Turn on your PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5 console and then head over to the Home Screen
  • Navigate to the main menu at the top
  • Go to the Gamers tab
  • Scroll down to Modern Warfare 2 and highlight it
  • Now, press the Options button on the controller
  • Choose to Check for Update from the drop-down menu

Method 5: Keep your console in a well-ventilated area

You should keep your console in a well-ventilated place to check if there’s any overheating issue or not. Having proper airflow and a cooler place inside the room will help your console to work better. Keeping the console directly under the sun or in a congested area will create issues.

If you follow these instructions, you’ll have a far better chance of resolving latency difficulties in Modern Warfare 2. You’ll be free to concentrate on what really matters: shifting the tide of the battle.

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